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Diana Gabaldon
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 5, Chapter 33 | Part 5, Chapter 34.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when a big storm hits Lallybroch?
(a) It floods the village.
(b) It wipes out the barley fields.
(c) The potatoes rot.
(d) The sheep drown.

2. While Claire continues to mind Jared's home, what does Jamie do?
(a) Trains with the blacksmith Sorenson while making a meager living as an apprentice.
(b) Works around Jared's house making repairs.
(c) Goes away each morning with Murtagh to attend to the wine industry.
(d) Goes to the vineyards to harvest grapes with his coworkers.

3. What new job does Jamie give Fergus?
(a) Tender of their vegetable garden.
(b) Groomer of the palace horses.
(c) Hairstylist to Claire, fixing her hair before she leaves the house.
(d) Escort to Claire, seeing her to and from the hospital.

4. When Claire finds a red mark on Fergus, he tells her it's:
(a) A mark that appeared mysteriously while he slept.
(b) A scrape from falling on a stone.
(c) A welt from the beating he got from a servant.
(d) A burn from a man's ring.

5. Depressed over the loss of her baby, Jamie's imprisonment, and Fergus being abused by Randall, Claire:
(a) Refuses to eat.
(b) Threatens to kill herself.
(c) Sleeps all day and night.
(d) Refuses to talk to anyone.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Claire arrives at Mary's house to tend to her wounds, the servants:

2. When Jamie and Ian return to their wives from their trip to buy supplies such as needles and pickling spices, what has happened to Ian?

3. How does Claire sneak out of Fontainebleau?

4. What does Murtagh promise Jamie after apologizing for not protecting the women properly?

5. Why did Jamie attack Ian while they spent the night at a cottage on their trip back home with supplies for their wives?

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