Dragonfly in Amber Fun Activities

Diana Gabaldon
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Time Traveling

If you could time travel like Claire, where would you go? Write a short creative story describing your time traveling adventures. Include the period you travel to and describe what you see, do, and experience.

News Article

In the story, Claire vanishes for a period of time and Roger finds a newspaper article describing her reappearance. Make up two newspaper articles about someone's sudden disappearance. The first one covers the disappearance, and the second describes the return. Fill in as much detail as possible.

Era Clothing

Claire travels in time to 1700s Paris. Research what people wore during that era. Find drawings and descriptions of what men and women of different classes wore. Then, design your own outfit from that time period.


Claire and her daughter Brianna travel to Scotland. Now it's your turn. Pretend you're taking a two-week trip to Scotland. Draw up an...

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