Dragonfly in Amber Character Descriptions

Diana Gabaldon
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Claire Randall (Fraser)

This character is a very kind and nurturing person by nature and welcomes any opportunity to nurse the sick.

Jamie Fraser

This character was an outlaw, on the run, and wrongfully accused of a murder he did not commit.

Frank Randall

After serving in the war for six years, this character returned home to start a family.

Jonathan Randall

This character was known for liking men better than women and was a horribly mean individual

Colum MacKenzie

This character has a disease that slowly disintegrated the bones, causing pale skin, premature wrinkling of the skin, and sterilization.

Dougal MacKenzie

This character has a wife and two girls of his own, but he helps his brother in every way possible.

Jenny Fraser

This character's flaming red hair and feisty temper are equal to her brother's.


This character is a small, stout Scotsman with somewhat of...

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