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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who did F'lar trust to make sure he got home safe?
(a) R'gul
(b) Lessa and Ramoth
(c) F'nor and Grall
(d) Mnementh's instinct

2. What had gotten F'lar so worried?
(a) She left without Ramoth
(b) He knew where and when she was, but Mnementh couldn't hear them
(c) He didn't know where and when she was, and Mnementh couldn't hear them
(d) She left without saying goodbye, and deliberately disobeyed him

3. What did F'lar wish when Ramoth rose to her mating flight?
(a) That Lessa hadn't given herself to him
(b) That Lessa hadn't been a virgin too
(c) That Ramoth had mated with someone else
(d) That Lessa had loved him first

4. Where and when are the Dragonmen going?
(a) The Dragonmen are going between to Nerat, two hours ago
(b) The Dragonmen came from Nerat, three hours ago
(c) The Dragonmen are going to Nerat, in two hours
(d) The Dragonmen are going between to Nerat, four hours ago

5. How is the second visit from F'nor of the past?
(a) Negative
(b) Positive
(c) Frightening
(d) He didn't come back a second time

6. What Ballad is quoted as being the source of information about queens riding against Threads?
(a) Morieta's ride
(b) Moreta's song
(c) Morieta's song
(d) Moreta's ride

7. What conclusion do F'lar and Lessa come to?
(a) That they should go between times
(b) That they should warn the other weyr and start out for the Threads
(c) That Ramoth should mate again
(d) That R'gul was right, there isn't going to be more Threads

8. Why were the five Weyr's empty?
(a) F'lar brought them
(b) Lessa brought them
(c) Lessa left them
(d) F'lar created them

9. What did F'lar say would happen with Ramoth's clutch?
(a) That Ramoth would lay without telling her
(b) That there would be a Queen egg
(c) That Lessa wouldn't be able to touch them
(d) That none would survive

10. Who fought well for the Dragonmen's positions, and the Holds and Crafts alliances?
(a) Bangar
(b) Lord of Benden
(c) Vincet
(d) Robinton, Masterharper

11. Lessa awoke where and when?
(a) In Igen Wyer, four hundred turns prior
(b) In Ista Wyer, three hundred turns prior
(c) In Fort Wyer, four hundred turns prior
(d) In Telgar Wyer, four hundred turns prior

12. What caused F'lar's pulse to quicken?
(a) Eagerness to begin the fight
(b) Savage love
(c) Prehistoric rage
(d) Savage joy

13. Why was Lessa so shocked at having gone into the past?
(a) She thought she was responsible for her families demise
(b) She almost got trapped between
(c) She thought F'lar would never love her again
(d) She thought that she would be expunged from the position of Weyrwoman

14. What time is when all the warnings come apparent to Lessa?
(a) Mid day
(b) Dawn
(c) Dusk
(d) The afternoon

15. What did Ramoth do that she didn't tell Lessa about?
(a) Mate
(b) Lay
(c) Fly Between
(d) Fly with another dragon

Short Answer Questions

1. What was found to be effective?

2. Where does Lytol tell Lessa to go?

3. What does Lessa have in common with Moreta?

4. Who wants to study the tapestry?

5. What makes them nervous?

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