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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do both Lessa and F'lar know about the Records?
(a) They are completely accurate
(b) The explain how things were, and how they work
(c) They are full of grievous flaws
(d) They are the bible for fighting the Threads

2. How many dragons were waiting to pass inspection?
(a) Two hundred and fourteen
(b) Two hundred and sixteen
(c) Two hundred and fifteen
(d) Three hundred and eighteen

3. What made the two Weyrpeople believe her?
(a) Her accurate knowledge of Ruatha Hold
(b) Her accurate description of a tapestry that was finished the day before
(c) Her accurate knowledge of the Ballads and Saga's
(d) Her pleading eyes and the voice of her dragon

4. What did Lessa accept in this chapter?
(a) Her role as Weyrwoman
(b) Herself as her own woman
(c) F'nor as her brother in law
(d) F'lar, faults and all

5. Who does Lessa hope will fly Kylara's dragon?
(a) F'nors' Grall
(b) T'Bor's Orth
(c) R'guls' Hath
(d) F'lars' Mnementh

6. What makes them nervous?
(a) That the place feels so empty to them
(b) Their placement in the past
(c) That there are no cliffs for the dragon Weyr
(d) That there is no intelligent life on the Southern Continent

7. Why are the dragons popping in and out of between?
(a) To gain the advantage over the militaristic Threads
(b) To keep the element of surprise
(c) None of these
(d) To kill the Threads on them, as they hurt

8. When Ramoth and Lessa got bored of drilling near the Weyr, where did they go first?
(a) To Ruatha before Lessa was born
(b) To New Ruatha where Lytol was Warder
(c) To Old Ruatha, back in time to when Fax invaded
(d) To New Ruatha when Lessa saw the Red Star

9. What else does Robinton suggest to everyone?
(a) That they destroy the Red Star
(b) That they do their best to ignore the Threads
(c) That they do research in their own Records
(d) That they all try to remain calm

10. What do Lessa and F'lar decide to do in light of the appearance of F'nor from the past?
(a) To send F'lar with Kylara
(b) To send someone else
(c) To go ahead as planned
(d) To find a new plan

11. What kinds of storms are indicative of a Thread infestation?
(a) Droughts
(b) White dust storms
(c) Red dust storms
(d) Black dust storms

12. Who wants to study the tapestry?
(a) Lessa
(b) Fendarel
(c) Robinton
(d) F'lar

13. How did the dragonets react when they emerged?
(a) All of these
(b) They took their riders without incident
(c) Like they knew who they wanted
(d) They didn't react excitedly due to fear

14. What had F'lar discovered about Lessa?
(a) She was more beautiful than he had ever imagined
(b) She was a ruthless adversary and a canny advocate
(c) She was a ruthless advocate and a canny adversary
(d) She was a gutless advocate and an intermediate adversary

15. Why did Lessa spend more time persuading Kylara to be with the Queen egg?
(a) Kylara had taken an interest in F'lars company
(b) Kylara and Ramoth had an understanding
(c) Kylara was intelligent enough to be Weyrwoman
(d) Kylara was the next best candidate to be Weyrwoman

Short Answer Questions

1. Who fought well for the Dragonmen's positions, and the Holds and Crafts alliances?

2. What had made Lessa hysterical?

3. What did F'lar say would happen with Ramoth's clutch?

4. What does F'nor say about Kylara?

5. What Ballad is quoted as being the source of information about queens riding against Threads?

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