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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What in F'lar kept the situation in the Hold from exploding into violence?
(a) His dedication to the mission at hand
(b) His dragon's nudging and restraint
(c) His firm control of self and wing
(d) His iron wit and candor

2. What happened when Ramoth blooded her kills?
(a) She became brilliantly bright
(b) She became luminescent
(c) She grew a size
(d) She and Lessa became entwined

3. What is F'lar learning to recognize as Lessa at her worst?
(a) When her dragon roars
(b) When her eyes smolder
(c) When she is too sweet
(d) When her fists ball up

4. What did Lessa find distasteful?
(a) The clothes he offered
(b) His bathroom nook
(c) Her rags
(d) His choice in cleaning soaps

5. Who is the Wyerleader?
(a) F'nor
(b) F'lar
(c) R'gul
(d) S'lel

6. How was the harvest?
(a) Good, fat and heavy
(b) Bad, week and very little
(c) Fine, Fat and heavy
(d) Okay, Thin and light

7. What broke the standoff between F'lar and Fax?
(a) F'nor's insistence
(b) Lady Gemma's hiccup
(c) The drudge's insistence
(d) Lady Gemma's groan

8. What are the dragons permitted that they weren't before?
(a) To raid
(b) To fly
(c) To go between without their riders
(d) Firestone

9. What was F'lar almost looking forward to?
(a) The exhilaration of being dragon bound
(b) Fax drawing on him
(c) The time where Mnementh would kill him
(d) The tour of Ruatha

10. What is Lessa dressed in?
(a) Silks
(b) Finery
(c) Rags
(d) Silver laced garments

11. Why did R'gul not want F'lar to be there when Ramoth was mating?
(a) So he could be with Lessa
(b) So he could remain in control
(c) All of these
(d) So he could continue to be Weyrleader

12. What question does Lessa want answered?
(a) If a queen isn't meant to fly, why does she have wings?
(b) Why can't I go out for dinner?
(c) Why can't I overfeed my dragon
(d) Why can't I fly my dragon?

13. Whose lair did she hide in when scared?
(a) The tiger's
(b) The watch-wher's
(c) The dragon's
(d) The bear's

14. What kind of bed does Lessa sleep in?
(a) A straw bed
(b) A bed of hay
(c) A bed with cotton sheets
(d) A bed with silk sheets

15. What does Mnementh explain to F'lar?
(a) That the way he handled the Lords begs for rebellion
(b) That his effort was wasted in bringing Lessa here
(c) That it is better to tell her things than to secret them away
(d) That Lessa is more likely to be obedient if she knows why

Short Answer Questions

1. What did anyone with a suitable woman do?

2. To thoughts of whom did Lessa's mind return constantly?

3. What caused Lessa to look at F'nor with increased respect?

4. What was uncertainty replaced with among the dragonmen?

5. What had made F'lar furious?

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