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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the dragons permitted that they weren't before?
(a) To fly
(b) To go between without their riders
(c) Firestone
(d) To raid

2. How did the bronze dragon, Mnementh feel about Fax?
(a) He borderline hated him
(b) He tolerated him
(c) He liked him
(d) He adored him

3. What makes F'lar chuckle?
(a) His choice in Weyrwoman
(b) His ability to persuade Lessa
(c) His ability to tease the Bronze one
(d) The other wings' choices in Weyrwomen

4. What had made F'lar furious?
(a) Lessa's contempt for his rules about Ramoth
(b) Lessa's contempt for the rules that she shouldn't fly Ramoth
(c) Lessa's willful disobedience to his instruction
(d) Lessa's choice of garb

5. Who has the power to silence or command a creature?
(a) A wizard of high power
(b) Someone of the Silence
(c) Someone of the Blood
(d) Someone of high rank

6. What did the dragonmen and the dragons feel?
(a) A surge of power
(b) A change of air pressure
(c) A mounting storm
(d) A mounting animosity

7. What does Mnementh like?
(a) To have the area behind his ears scratched
(b) To have his scales shined
(c) To have his wings petted
(d) To have his eye ridges scratched

8. How many eggs were in the clutch?
(a) Ten mottled eggs and one large golden one
(b) Ten golden eggs and one mottled one
(c) Nine mottled eggs and one medium golden one
(d) Eleven eggs

9. To whom would she rather let Ruatha fall?
(a) The dragonmen
(b) The threads
(c) Fax
(d) Herself

10. Why was everyone getting edgy at the Weyr?
(a) No one was doing anything about the food issues
(b) As the weather got colder, the rations went down
(c) Everyone was fed up with R'gul
(d) Everyone wanted to elect in F'lar

11. Who didn't believe the Threads were imminent?
(a) Melon
(b) Menar
(c) Moron
(d) Meron

12. Why did R'gul not want F'lar to be there when Ramoth was mating?
(a) So he could continue to be Weyrleader
(b) So he could be with Lessa
(c) So he could remain in control
(d) All of these

13. Lessa is a.....?
(a) Kitchen drudge
(b) Lady in waiting
(c) Nuisance
(d) Dragon rider

14. To thoughts of whom did Lessa's mind return constantly?
(a) F'lar
(b) Mnementh
(c) F'nor
(d) Ramoth

15. What does Lytol say is the hope of Fax?
(a) That he will kill Gemma in childbirth
(b) That he will rule the world and all the women in it
(c) That he will kill Gemma with neglect
(d) That he will marry Gemma and make her happy

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the Weyr look like?

2. How did Ramoth react to her Weyrwoman's command?

3. What does Fax call the food?

4. What prompted dragons to act?

5. What is F'lar learning to recognize as Lessa at her worst?

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