Dragonflight Trilogy Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How did Ruatha Valley look before Fax came?

Ruatha Valley looked lush and full. It had been a long time, to the point where Lessa had forgotten how sweetly happy, amply productive it had once been.

2. What did Lessa caution the watch-wher to do?

Lessa cautioned the watch-wher to be as mean to her as to any of the others if anyone is near by. She does this because the watch-wher is an assigned guard and supposed to guard the kitchen dredges, not let them run free for the promise of a pet or two.

3. What becomes obvious that makes Lessa unique?

Lessa is unique as she is able to sense things coming, particularly danger. She has higher levels of compassion and a compulsion to identify the source of the dangers she senses.

4. Why does the watch-wher like Lessa?

The watch-wher likes Lessa because she makes it happy. She pets it, hugs it and gives it affection where no one else seems to, and she sought refuge with it when Ruatha was being attacked.

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