Dragonflight Trilogy Fun Activities

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Design an Outfit that Lessa may have Worn

With your parent's or guardian's permission, create an outfit that Lessa may have worn at any point throughout the story.

Draw F'lar as you Think he Would Look

Student should create a drawing of the dragonman F'lar from any point throughout the novel.

Rewrite one Chapter as though Omniscient and able to see Every Original Characters' Thoughts.

Student should rewrite a chapter with the reader able to see everyone's thoughts throughout that chapter.

Draw any of the Weyrs or Holds, Include information to Help Someone Raise a Dragon

Student should use the information from the book to recreate one of the fledgling or adult dragons. They can use pictures from the Internet if they personally color them and attach information about them from the book.

Write a Journal Entry as Lessa from any Point in the Book

Students should write...

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