Dragonflight Trilogy Character Descriptions

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Lessa - This character was once a drudge and became Weyrwoman.

F'lar - This character won the title of Weyrleader when their dragon mated with Ramoth.

F'nor - This character is the Weyrleaders' half sibling, and also is the person that the Weyrleader is most comfortable with.

R'gul - This character was once Weyrleader, but was ousted by the next Weyrleader when Ramoth mated with another contender's dragon.

Mnementh - This is the great bronze dragon ridden by the Weyrleader.

Ramoth - This is the golden Queen of Benden Weyr.

Watch-wher - This creature is a distant relative of the dragons.

Fax - This is the killer of Lessa's family.

Manora - This woman is charged with reporting the stores to Lessa.

Kylara - This is one of the survivors of the Impression that Lessa was a part of, and that decided that she liked Weyr...

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