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Book 1 Weyr Search - Chapter 1

• Lessa awakens to a cold greater than normal from the stone walls; it's the cold of danger.

• She lays upon a bed of straw in the cheese room with the other kitchen drudges.

• The awareness of the watch-wher outside touches her senses and she realizes that although danger is imminent it doesn't affect the watch-wher.

• Lessa stretches her abilities to sense things, and finds that the threat is not in Ruatha, yet, and that it is not a familiar threat, like Fax, the self styled Lord of the High Reaches.

• In the last three Turns, Lessa has used her abilities to make Ruatha an undesirable conquest in hopes that he will forget why he subjugated the Hold.

• Lessa picks her way among the sleeping drudges, through the kitchen and outside.

• The watch-wher is happy to see her, and she promises to give it...

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