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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Dirzan treat Piemur when he finds him after he has been injured?

2. Who sits across from Piemur during the dinner scene?

3. Who is Piemur's master at the start of the story?

4. How long has it been since Piemur has ridden a runner before his first mission?

5. What does Piemur put on the sores he develops from riding the runner on his first mission?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the injury Piemur sustains in Chapter 5.

2. What is the drum urgent message that is received at the beginning of Chapter 5?

3. Why does Piemur become Master Olodkey's apprentice?

4. Describe Menolly's personality.

5. Who are the Oldtimers?

6. Describe Piemur's personality.

7. List the clothing items Piemur acquires in Chapter 3.

8. What type of singing part is Piemur known for performing?

9. Describe how Dirzan treats Piemur after his accident.

10. What is Piemur's reaction to losing his singing voice?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Dragondrums ends with Piemur being appointed journeyman-drummer for the Southern Hold. He is elated at his new position, and he wishes that he could tell all of Pern about it. Write an essay that explains why the Southern Continent is a fitting home for Piemur. Predict what happens after the final lines of the story based upon events foreshadowed in Chapter 11. Use examples from the book to support your writing.

Essay Topic 2

The Oldtimers are mentioned many times throughout Dragondrums. Many characters, including Piemur, fear and disapprove of them Write an essay that explores the history of the Oldtimers. Explain why they are untrusted and feared by the people of Pern. Go into detail and give specific occasions and events that support these ideas held by the majority of Pern citizens. Use examples from the book to support your writing.

Essay Topic 3

Friendship is an important aspect of Dragondrums. Menolly, Sebell, and Piemur are friends. In times of struggle, confusion, or sadness they are there for each other. Write an essay that explores the idea of friendship within the context of the story. Think about the times when friendship is the most important for the characters. Take into consideration where Menolly, Sebell, and Piemur would be without each other. Support your writing by using examples from the novel.

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