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Chorus Ballad

Write your own version of the ballad Piemur was to sing at the beginning of the story. Make sure to specifically write the female part for Lessa. Share your song with the class.

My Fire Lizard Pet

Write a short description of your ideal fire lizard pet. Think of what type, personality, and gender your ideal pet would be. Make sure to give it a name!

Menolly's Nine

Draw a group picture of Menolly and her nine fire lizards. Color the picture using markers, color pencils, paint, and other materials.

Bubbly Pie

Create your own recipe for a bubbly pie. Make sure to include pie size and serving size in your calculations. Share your recipe with the class.

Runner Beast

Construct a model of a runner beast based upon the description given in Dragondrums. Use clay, wood, paper, and any other materials you can find around...

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