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Essay Topic 1

Writing style is very important when it comes to fiction. Dragondrums is no exception. Write an essay that explores the writing style of Anne McCaffrey. Address various writing elements like perspective, sentence structure, diction, and grammar in your work. Explain how these things contribute to the flow of the narrative. Be sure the provide examples to support your work.

Essay Topic 2

The main characters in Dragondrums are all Harpers. Each character has a specific musical skill in which they are talented. Write an essay that explains what music talents Menolly, Sebell, Piemur, and Master Robinton specialize in. Make sure to include details as to why each character excels in a particular area. Use examples from the text to support your rationale.

Essay Topic 3

The world of Pern is unique in its development and construction. Magical dragons, fire lizards, and other creatures fly the skies. Thread is...

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