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Chapter 1

• Piemur wakes in the morning to the sound of drums.

• Menolly, Piemur, and Camo feed Menolly's fire lizards.

• Piemur attends chorus class.
• During chorus class Piemur's voice breaks.

• Piemur is sent to Master Robinton.

• The Master Harper tells Piemur he will be reassigned to work with Master Olodkey.
• Master Robinton asks Piemur if he is good at keeping secrets.

• Piemur informs both Menolly and Master Robinton that he can ride runners.

• Piemur is sent to see Silvina to get wherhide clothing for riding.

Chapter 2

• Silvina gives Piemur proper clothing.

• Piemur receives two bubbly pies from Silvina.

• Piemur thinks of how he still looks forward to going back to singing.
• At dinner Piemur meets up with his two friends, Timiny and Brolly.

• Piemur's friends offer him bubbly pies to try and cheer him up.

• Piemur becomes angry when he hears that Sherris is to take his old place...

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