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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the submersible that descends to rescue the trapped oceanographic team?

2. How many times is Jim Hanamura shot when he is fleeing from Suma's men?

3. Who is aboard the repaired submersible that tries to rescue Pitt and Plunkett?

4. Who has been recruited by Suma to take delivery of specific cars from the incoming ships?

5. How many passengers aboard the Narvik survive the explosion's shock wave?

Short Essay Questions

1. What additional steps must the ground crew take in order to load the nuclear bomb onto the Dennings' Demons?

2. Why do the men in the repaired submersible cut the habitation pod loose from the framework of Big John?

3. As Chapter 7 opens, the Old Gert's crew is barely alive. Why is carbon dioxide rapidly building up?

4. What is the Yasukuni shrine?

5. Describe what the cruise ship looks like after the explosion occurs.

6. What is the mission of the British survey vessel in the Western Pacific?

7. What emotions does Dennings experience knowing that he and his crew have been selected to carry the nuclear device to Japan?

8. As Pitt and Fox descend in the elevator to the subterranean, soundproofed room at Headquarters, why do Pitt's suspicions of Fox grow?

9. Why is Giordino so upset that Pitt is trapped on Old Gert?

10. During the meeting at Headquarters, what does Pitt learn about the Soggy Acres project?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast the characteristics, roles, loyalties, and agendas of the following people in the story: Hideki Suma, Raymond Jordan, Dirk Pitt, Stacy Fox, and Ichiro Tsuboi.

Essay Topic 2

Suma's grand scheme does not use the nuclear devices hidden in the automobiles to destroy life. The simultaneous explosions have another purpose. Describe the result Suma hopes to achieve with the simultaneous nuclear explosions. Is this scenario likely in today's world? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

There are several characters introduced in the story who do not survive until the end of the story. Identify at least three people killed as the novel progresses. Compare and contrast each of these deaths, being sure to indicate which character died, how the character died, who was responsible for the death, and how the character's death affects the overall plot. What could have - or should have - been learned from each of these deaths by the other characters?

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