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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the satellite photo expert in Washington?

2. What song do the men in the nuclear submarine's sonar room hear playing through the ocean?

3. How long can the British survey vessel's submersible support a crew of three people?

4. As Chapter 1 opens, what is the name of the ship that is adrift in the Western Pacific?

5. How many pounds overweight is the Dennings' Demons when it takes off?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Jim Hanamura is late reporting in, Pitt is concerned. Why is Hanamura late checking in?

2. What is the Yasukuni shrine?

3. During the meeting at Headquarters, what does Pitt learn about the Soggy Acres project?

4. What is unique about the identity of the person Pitt races against at the track while Loren is being abducted?

5. After the first two transport subs have left Old Gert, what do the remaining people aboard Old Gert do?

6. Why do the men in the repaired submersible cut the habitation pod loose from the framework of Big John?

7. When Dennings first sees the nuclear bomb, what does he think it looks like?

8. Why is the salvage operation of the Divine Star put on hold?

9. Why does Steen not inform Captain Korvold about the dangers aboard the Divine Star?

10. What additional steps must the ground crew take in order to load the nuclear bomb onto the Dennings' Demons?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the political argument regarding the taxation of Japanese companies doing business on American soil from the perspective of both the Americans and the Japanese. Be sure to include whether or not you agree with the positions taken by Loren Smith and Hideki Suma.

Essay Topic 2

The author uses several different literary techniques as the story is told concerning the story's flow. Describe the techniques of both flashbacks and foreshadowing. How are each of these techniques used in the story? Give specific examples of each technique. Why might the author have chosen to use both of these techniques in the story? Was the story enhanced by the use of these two techniques? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

Throughout the story, there are several attempts made on Dirk Pitt's life.

a) Identify three characters or group who try to kill Pitt. Describe the situation and how Pitt escapes.

b) Compare and contrast the characters that try to kill Pitt, as well as these characters' motivations.

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