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Lesson 1 (from Dennings' Demons)


The introductory section of "Dragon" sets the stage for Clive Cussler's novel and has critical importance later in the novel. As the reader learns of the Dennings' Demon mission to drop a nuclear bomb over Japan, and then learns of the success of the Enola Gay's flight (an actual historical event), Cussler intertwines genuine information with fictional information. By incorporating the real with the fictional, the author ties the two together and makes the fictional seem genuine. The objective of this lesson is to study the author's use of intermingling fictional accounts with genuine information in order to enhance believability for the reader.


1) Task: Divide the class into small groups and discuss how the author's use of genuine information mixed with fictional accounts affects the story's believability. Is the author successful at making the story's premise seem possible? Why or why not?

2) Task: Identify how...

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