Dragon Character Descriptions

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Dirk Pitt

This character is a skilled underwater scientist who collects vintage cars.

Al Giordino

This character is the protagonist's best friend and directs the rescue operation that saves the protagonist.

Admiral James Sandecker

This character is the director and head of NUMA.

Major Charles Dennings

This character is the pilot of the B-29.

Captain Irv Stanton

This character is the B-29's bombardier.

Captain Mort Stromp

This character is the B-29's copilot.

Lieutenant Joseph Arnold

This character is the navigator of the B-29.

This character is the weapons engineer of the B-29.

General Harold Morrison

This character is the special deputy to a general.

General Leslie Groves

This character heads the Manhattan Project.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Sato Okinaga

This character shoots down the B-29.

Colonel Paul Tibbets

This character pilots the Enola Gay.

Captain Arne Korvold

This character is the captain of...

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