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Dennings' Demons

• The story begins on August 6, 1945 on Shemya Island, Alaska.

• The B-29 Bomber, named Dennings' Demons after the plane's commander and crew, receives its biggest payload ever - a nuclear bomb.

• Dennings' mission is to carry the dangerous device over three thousand miles and drop it on Japan.

• Despite the heavy payload, the plane takes off and the flight is uneventful - until one of the engines starts overheating while the plane is still three hundred miles from Japan. Dennings shuts the overheating engine down.
• An A6M Zero coastal patrol catches sight of the bomber and opens fire, killing the tail gunner and taking out the number three engine.

• The bomber falls from the sky twenty miles from an unnamed island off the coast of mainland Japan and comes to rest one thousand feet below the water's surface - with the nuclear bomb still intact.

• Colonel...

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