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Lisa See
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hulan find when she searches Brian's room?

2. What does Angela think her brother may have found?

3. How does David deal with Tang?

4. How does Ma help David?

5. What does Stuart Miller think about the dam?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Tang angry at the end of the bidding for the ruyi? What does he do, and what does David realize about Tang? What does David do when Tang leaves the auction?

2. How does Stuart feel about the dam project and why does he think it is a good project?

3. With what does Brian become obsessed, and what does he realize about the geographic layout of the land at Site 518?

4. Who is David surprised to find at the auction and what does he do with him?

5. With whom does David sit during the auction? What is explained to David? Who bids on the ruyi?

6. What does Hulan know about her and David after he leaves for Hong Kong and what does she resolve to do?

7. What does Angela say about Brian's notebook? What does she think about his death? What does Hulan ask her to do?

8. What happens to David right after the auction? Who helps him?

9. What does Hulan do with Michael after she leaves Hom, and what does he tell her?

10. What does Hulan ask Stuart about after David leaves for Hong Kong, and what does he tell her about Lily and about himself and artifacts?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Most mystery novels have an element of fear and suspense. Discuss the following:

1. Trace and analyze the theme of fear in Dragon Bones. Use specific examples to support your ideas. In what ways is fear felt? Who feels fearful? Why?

2. Why do you think many people enjoy getting scared? For example--in spook houses at Halloween or by reading mystery/suspense novels that contain an element of fear?

3. Are there any things any of the characters are afraid of within their control to change? What? Why do you think the characters have not addressed those issues?

4. Discuss whether or not you enjoy the experience of being scared when you know it is not "real."

Essay Topic 2

Dragon Bones belongs to the historical novel genre. Discuss the following:

1. Define the literary term "genre" and give several examples of three other genres in addition to the historical novel genre.

2. Discuss two reasons why it might be useful to label a text by genre and two reasons it might be disadvantageous to label a text by genre.

3. What do you think is the difference between a suspense novel and a historical novel mystery?

Essay Topic 3

Liu Hulan is a rare and powerful figure in China as a woman of wealth in a power position with the most feared political group, the Ministry of Public Security. From her deals with the heads of state to her father to her upbringing and her current position, Hulan has led a life few in China even dream of having.

1. What do you think the above statement suggests about the role of women in China. Use examples from Dragon Bones and your own life to support your answer.

2. Discuss some of the reasons the Ministry of Public Security would be feared in a country with a totalitarian government. Use examples from Dragon Bones and your own life to support your answer.

3. How do you think turning her own father in as a criminal affected Hulan as a person? Use examples from Dragon Bones and your own life to support your answer.

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