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Lisa See
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Shu Ching - This is one of the oldest books known to man, having been written between 2357 BC and 631 BC.

All Patriotic Society - This is a cultural religious movement led by Chinese American Michael Quon.

Cultural Revolution - The was a violent movement in China that resulted in social and political chaos in the 1960s.

Dang'an - In China, this is a profile of actions and attitudes of the people, both foreign and domestic, within the country.

Ba Civilization - This is believed to be one of the first civilizations to exist in the world.

Nine Tripods - Bronze vessels which Yu the Great created to help make a visual map of his empire.

Zun - This is a ritual wine container.

Gui - This is a type of tablet given as an imperial gift at the beginning or end of a mission or task.


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