Dragon Bones: A Novel Fun Activities

Lisa See
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Chinese Clothing

Have the class wear Chinese clothing to school one day.

Chinese Food

Have Chinese food for lunch one day.

Chinese Speaker

Bring a Chinese person to class to talk about the country.

Drawings of Characters

Draw or find magazine pictures that you think represent your idea of the following characters: Hulan, David, Michael, Hom, Wu's widow, Angela, Brian, Tang, Zai, Ma, Lily, Stuart and Fitzwilliams.

Book Review

Write a book review of Dragon Bones for the New York Times book section.

Cover Art

Draw and create a computer-generated graphic of a cover design for Dragon Bones. Explain why you created that design.

Book Synopsis

Write a one-page synopsis of Dragon Bones for the cover jacket. The objective is to convince people to purchase the book.

Play a Character

Have each student select a character from slips of paper in a bag and act as that character...

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