Dragon Bones: A Novel Character Descriptions

Lisa See
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Liu Hulan - She is a Red Princess and an investigator for the Ministry of Public Security.

David Stark - He is an American lawyer who is married to Liu Hulan.

Xiao Da / Michael Quon - He is a Chinese American who claims to be in the country finding his Chinese roots.

Tang Wenting / Bill Tang - He is the right hand of Xiao Da. Seen first at an All Patriotic Society meeting in the beginning of the novel, it is clear early on that he is a fanatic follower of Xiao Da.

Chaowen Stark - She is the deceased daughter of Hulan and David.

Vice Minister Zai - He is a father figure to Hulan.

Brian McCarthy - He is an American archaeological student on a fellowship to China as part of the attempt to preserve archaeological sites before the inundation from the Three Gorges Dam...

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