Dragon Bones: A Novel Character Descriptions

Lisa See
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Liu Hulan

She is a Red Princess and an investigator for the Ministry of Public Security.

David Stark

He is an American lawyer who is married to Liu Hulan.

Xiao Da / Michael Quon

He is a Chinese American who claims to be in the country finding his Chinese roots.

Tang Wenting / Bill Tang

He is the right hand of Xiao Da. Seen first at an All Patriotic Society meeting in the beginning of the novel, it is clear early on that he is a fanatic follower of Xiao Da.

Chaowen Stark

She is the deceased daughter of Hulan and David.

Vice Minister Zai

He is a father figure to Hulan.

Brian McCarthy

He is an American archaeological student on a fellowship to China as part of the attempt to preserve archaeological sites before the inundation from the Three Gorges Dam.

Ma Zhongyan

He is the leader of the...

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