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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mina reveal under hypnosis about the whereabouts of Dracula's ship?
(a) That it has been taken over by pirates.
(b) That it is late but still at sea.
(c) That it has sunk.
(d) It has been delayed at port of entry.

2. What does the team learn once they arrive at their new destination?
(a) That the ship will arrive any moment.
(b) That they have been misled by Dracula's spies.
(c) That they are wrong -- again -- about where they should be.
(d) That Dracula's ship has already landed.

3. How does the team travel en route to meet the ship Dracula is on once he has left London?
(a) By horseback.
(b) By private cars.
(c) By train.
(d) By foot.

4. What official -- and despairing -- news does the team learn about the arrival of Dracula's ship?
(a) That it arrived before they did.
(b) That it is going to a different port.
(c) That it is going to be three months late.
(d) That none of the crew is left alive.

5. What prized possession did Dracula destroy when he visited Seward's office?
(a) The manuscript the team had been working on.
(b) The windows, protecting all of Seward's research from the rain.
(c) Pictures of Lucy before she died.
(d) A very old and hold crucifix.

6. What condition is Mina in when the vampire-hunting team returns from their journey to the chapel (to hunt for the wooden boxes)?
(a) She is anxious and worried.
(b) She seems to have gone insane.
(c) She is asleep and very pale.
(d) She has seen something horrible and can no longer speak.

7. How does the vampire-hunting team manage to clear the chapel of the animals that have suddenly appeared?
(a) With the dogs they brought along.
(b) They end up chopping them up with their swords.
(c) The animals suddenly disappear on their own.
(d) With fire from their torches.

8. What about Renfield amazes Holmwood and Morris the first time they meet him?
(a) His psychic powers.
(b) His sudden erudite matter.
(c) The depth of his madness.
(d) His knowledge of vampires.

9. What does the group fear will happen to Mina if she dies before Dracula is killed?
(a) She will become one of the "Un-Dead."
(b) She will be stuck between being in heaven and becoming a vampire.
(c) She won't be able to help them anymore.
(d) She will assist Dracula as a ghost.

10. How does Van Helsing open Lucy's tomb?
(a) With a sledgehammer.
(b) With a key.
(c) With a secret spell.
(d) By holding a crucifix up in front of it.

11. After Mina is attacked, what is the vampire-hunting team's new plan?
(a) To bait Dracula with a bleeding Mina.
(b) To destroy all of Dracula's boxes in one day.
(c) To fan out and search for Dracula in the marketplace.
(d) To wait for Mina to die before they do anything else.

12. What does Stoker say the vampire Lucy look like?
(a) She resembles the "darkest of demons."
(b) Her hair "blows in the wind as if it were smoke."
(c) Her eyes blaze with "unholy light."
(d) Her arms look like "the scrawny limbs of a dead tree."

13. Where do Harker and Mina stay while they are working with Seward in the asylum?
(a) In the church next door.
(b) They refuse to stay with Seward.
(c) In private quarters.
(d) They go undercover with the inmates.

14. When Van Helsing, Seward, Holmwood, and Morris finally encounter Lucy near her tomb, what does she have with her?
(a) Three other vampires.
(b) A small child.
(c) A bloody dagger.
(d) A crucifix.

15. What is Renfield's opinion of Mina?
(a) That she is kind and charming.
(b) That she should be committed to the asylum, too.
(c) That she is cruel and mean.
(d) That she is a vampire in disguise.

Short Answer Questions

1. Once the team learns that Dracula is back on land, how do Harker and Morris plan to catch him?

2. How does Holmwood plan to gain entry to Dracula's Piccadilly house?

3. What route does the team decide Dracula will take back to his home?

4. Where do Seward and Van Helsing hide on the first night they visit Lucy's tomb?

5. How does Harker react to Van Helsing's assessment of his journals?

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