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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who reads all of Lucy's diary and letters in an attempt to understand her situation?
(a) Mina.
(b) Lucy's mother.
(c) Van Helsing.
(d) Harker.

2. What physical changes does Harker notice about Mina after she has been bitten?
(a) That she only wants to wear black.
(b) That she refuses to travel without her cape.
(c) That her lips are drawn and her teeth show prominently.
(d) That he fingernails are getting very, very long.

3. What does the group fear will happen to Mina if she dies before Dracula is killed?
(a) She will become one of the "Un-Dead."
(b) She won't be able to help them anymore.
(c) She will assist Dracula as a ghost.
(d) She will be stuck between being in heaven and becoming a vampire.

4. Where do Seward and Van Helsing hide on the first night they visit Lucy's tomb?
(a) In the churchyard.
(b) In the trees next to her tomb.
(c) In special boxes they built that were well hidden.
(d) In the chapel next to her tomb.

5. When Seward, Van Helsing, Holmwood, and Morris go to Lucy's tomb, what do they find inside her coffin?
(a) Her non-decaying body.
(b) A silver crucifix only.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Her decaying body.

6. Despite his injuries, what does Renfield manage to tell the vampire-hunting team about Mina?
(a) That she has been kidnapped.
(b) That she fled in the night.
(c) That she was with Dracula.
(d) That she is dead.

7. What does Holmwood offer Mina as thanks for her comfort during his grieving process?
(a) A lifetime of brotherly devotion.
(b) All of his money.
(c) All of his money and property.
(d) All of his property.

8. What condition is Mina in when the vampire-hunting team returns from their journey to the chapel (to hunt for the wooden boxes)?
(a) She is anxious and worried.
(b) She is asleep and very pale.
(c) She has seen something horrible and can no longer speak.
(d) She seems to have gone insane.

9. What kind of information does Harker agree to provide for Van Helsing after Lucy's death?
(a) Information on Count Dracula.
(b) Information on Lucy's family.
(c) Information about the three female vampires.
(d) Information on Mina's health status.

10. Why does Van Helsing want Mina to visit after Lucy's death?
(a) He wants to ask her about her own health.
(b) He wants to get her away from Harker.
(c) He wants to check her for bite marks.
(d) He wants to talk to her about Lucy.

11. After Dracula's ship departs, why does the team decide to keep Mina out of the loop about their plans?
(a) Because she may flee and tell everyone.
(b) Because she may be a spy.
(c) Because she is telepathically connected to the Count.
(d) Because she has shown herself to be untrustworthy.

12. What does Seward take Renfield's sense of self-assurance to mean?
(a) That he is psychic.
(b) That Dracula has visited him.
(c) That he is a vampire.
(d) That he is in fact insane.

13. With what object does Harker try to attack Dracula with when he appears after they have tried to destroy all of the wooden boxes?
(a) A bottle of holy water.
(b) A knife.
(c) A gun.
(d) A crucifix.

14. What does the telegram from Mina (to the vampire-hunting team) say about Dracula?
(a) That he is wearing a new disguise.
(b) That he has left for London.
(c) That he has come to attack her again.
(d) That he has left Carfax and is headed toward Piccadilly.

15. How does the team travel en route to meet the ship Dracula is on once he has left London?
(a) By train.
(b) By private cars.
(c) By foot.
(d) By horseback.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the group decide that Mina must once more be privy to the plans to destroy Dracula?

2. How does Mina think Van Helsing can exploit her psychic connection to Dracula?

3. What urgent message does an attendant bring to Seward after he speaks to Renfield about Renfield's changing moods?

4. Once the team learns that Dracula is back on land, how do Mina and Van Helsing plan to catch him?

5. What about Mina causes Van Helsing to be concerned while they are waiting for Dracula's ship to arrive?

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