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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Renfield's opinion of Mina?
(a) That she is kind and charming.
(b) That she is a vampire in disguise.
(c) That she should be committed to the asylum, too.
(d) That she is cruel and mean.

2. Why does Van Helsing want Mina to visit after Lucy's death?
(a) He wants to ask her about her own health.
(b) He wants to get her away from Harker.
(c) He wants to talk to her about Lucy.
(d) He wants to check her for bite marks.

3. After Dracula's ship departs, why does the team decide to keep Mina out of the loop about their plans?
(a) Because she is telepathically connected to the Count.
(b) Because she may be a spy.
(c) Because she may flee and tell everyone.
(d) Because she has shown herself to be untrustworthy.

4. How does the team travel en route to meet the ship Dracula is on once he has left London?
(a) By train.
(b) By private cars.
(c) By horseback.
(d) By foot.

5. What is the name of the ship on which Dracula supposedly made his escape?
(a) The Kon Tiki.
(b) The Adagio.
(c) The Hyperion.
(d) The Czarina Catherine.

6. What route does the team decide Dracula will take back to his home?
(a) The shortest route so he can get home faster.
(b) A route that the team would never suspect.
(c) The longest route so he can attack the most people on the ship.
(d) The same route he took to come to London.

7. Where do Harker and Mina stay while they are working with Seward in the asylum?
(a) They go undercover with the inmates.
(b) In the church next door.
(c) In private quarters.
(d) They refuse to stay with Seward.

8. What does Seward conclude Renfield has a sense of assurance about, despite his wildly different moods and behaviors?
(a) That he will die soon.
(b) That he will acquire some higher life.
(c) That Mina will marry him.
(d) That he will get out of the asylum soon.

9. What does the team learn once they arrive at their new destination?
(a) That Dracula's ship has already landed.
(b) That the ship will arrive any moment.
(c) That they are wrong -- again -- about where they should be.
(d) That they have been misled by Dracula's spies.

10. What does Seward take Renfield's sense of self-assurance to mean?
(a) That he is psychic.
(b) That he is in fact insane.
(c) That Dracula has visited him.
(d) That he is a vampire.

11. What kind of injuries does Renfield have when Seward, Van Helsing, Holmwood, and Morris find him in the asylum?
(a) His legs have been tied behind his back.
(b) He has been beaten on the chest.
(c) His neck and back appear to be broken.
(d) His legs have been broken.

12. What happens to Renfield as a result of his injuries?
(a) He recovers and is let out of the asylum.
(b) He recovers from being a vampire.
(c) He dies.
(d) He eventually descends into madness.

13. Once the team learns that Dracula is back on land, how do Harker and Morris plan to catch him?
(a) By horse and carriage.
(b) By horseback.
(c) By steamboat.
(d) None of these answers is correct.

14. What creature begins to fill the chapel when the vampire-hunting team enters, looking for the wooden boxes?
(a) Rats.
(b) Snakes.
(c) Spiders.
(d) Bats.

15. What does Harker begin researching during his stay with Harker?
(a) The whereabouts of the wooden boxes Dracula sent to London.
(b) The whereabouts of the man he thought was Dracula.
(c) The whereabouts of his father's fortune.
(d) The whereabouts of secret books on vampirism.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Mina's psychic connection to Dracula lessen?

2. Once the team learns that Dracula is back on land, how do Holmwood and Seward plan to catch him?

3. What does Mina reveal under hypnosis about the whereabouts of Dracula's ship?

4. Where does the group head after they realize they will not meet Dracula's ship where they first planned to?

5. How does Mina react to Van Helsing's assessment of Harker's journal?

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