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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the state of Count Dracula's home at first glance?
(a) It is amazingly beautiful.
(b) It appears to be run-down and in ruins.
(c) It seems small and unimportant.
(d) It comes in and out of view, like magic.

2. In what year was "Dracula" written?
(a) 1897.
(b) 1877.
(c) 1917.
(d) No one knows for sure.

3. During their late night chats when Harker is being held hostage, what country's laws does Count Dracula seem particularly interested in?
(a) Transylvania's.
(b) America's.
(c) England's.
(d) Romania's.

4. Why does Harker find it difficult to shave in Dracula's home while he is first visiting?
(a) His blade is too dull.
(b) There are no mirrors anywhere.
(c) He is too nervous to keep his hand steady.
(d) Someone steals his razors.

5. When Dracula and Harker first stay up all night talking, what causes Dracula to abruptly end the conversation?
(a) He has another meeting to go to and has to leave early.
(b) He spills coffee all over himself and decides just to go to bed.
(c) The sunrise.
(d) He gets angry at one of the servants for dropping something.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Stoker convey the events of what happens in Chapter 1?

2. Which word could best be used to describe the tone of Chapter 1?

3. After Harker realizes he is being held captive at Dracula's home, what country's history does the Count stay up late talking to Harker about?

4. What does Harker do when he realizes the Count is away from his home during Harker's captivity?

5. What causes Dracula to go into a "demonic fury" while he is watching Harker shave during Harker's first visit to Dracula's home?

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