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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what year was "Dracula" written?
(a) 1917.
(b) No one knows for sure.
(c) 1897.
(d) 1877.

2. Who is Mr. Hawkins?
(a) Harker's neighbor.
(b) Dracula's boss.
(c) Harker's employer.
(d) Dracula's neighbor.

3. Why does Harker find it difficult to shave in Dracula's home while he is first visiting?
(a) Someone steals his razors.
(b) There are no mirrors anywhere.
(c) His blade is too dull.
(d) He is too nervous to keep his hand steady.

4. How does Harker react to Dracula's physical touch?
(a) He's surprised that he actually can't feel Dracula's touch.
(b) He becomes overwhelmed by nausea.
(c) He becomes very sleepy.
(d) He becomes very peaceful and relaxed.

5. How does Harker attempt his first escape from Dracula's home?
(a) By climbing down the castle walls.
(b) By sneaking out in the middle of the night.
(c) By digging a tunnel out of his room.
(d) By making a run for it on horseback.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Stoker convey the events of what happens in Chapter 1?

2. What does Harker include in the letter he is forced to write while a captive of Dracula's?

3. What causes Dracula to go into a "demonic fury" while he is watching Harker shave during Harker's first visit to Dracula's home?

4. What items does Harker use the first time he tries to kill Dracula?

5. During Harker's captivity in Dracula's home, what two items does he toss out of a window (for the gypsies)?

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