Dracula Character Descriptions

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Count Dracula - This character keeps another person prisoner and ultimately tries to relocate to London and create a race of vampires.

Lord Godalming - This is the formal title a character inherits after his father dies.

Jonathan Harker - This character is one of the major characters of the story, is held captive in a castle, and ultimately kills another character by decapitating that person with a knife.

Arthur Holmwood - This character is forced to kill the vampire version of the person this character was supposed to marry.

Mina - This is the nickname of a character who is almost turned into a vampire. This person also serves as the secretary for the team of vampire hunters.

Quincey P. Morris - The only American character in the book, this character receives a fatal wound from gypsies.

Wilhelmina Murray - This is the full name of...

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