Downright Dencey Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Caroline Dale Snedeker
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Book I, Chapters 1-3

• Dencey Coffyn and her friend and cousin Hopestill enjoy a Spring day 1812 in their town on the island of Nantucket.

• Dencey and Hopestill encounter some boys from the Fragment Society School, and the boys taunt Dencey for being a tomboy.

• Dencey is especially angered when social outcast, Sammie Jetsam, taunts Dencey by calling her a "darkie" and "Portugee Girl," so Dencey throws a stone at Sammie who drops his basket of eggs.
• Dencey attempts to help Sammie who is hurt, but he refuses her help, kicking and scratching to make her go away.

• Dencey realizes that she is dirty and disheveled and cannot go to school in that condition, so she makes her way back home.

• Dencey sits in her room contemplating what she has done to Sammie, and when her mother, Lydia, comes home that afternoon, Dencey tells her about her wicked deed...

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