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Short Answer Questions

1. Which member of his family does Piri have an argument with?

2. What is Gerald writing a book about?

3. What job does Jose now have?

4. What does Louie leave New York to do?

5. Whose picture does Piri look for in his father's belongings?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Jose and James' physical appearance.

2. What does Piri think the girl who rubbed against him on the train said to her friends?

3. What work does Piri find in Section 7?

4. How does Piri feel about Trina marrying another man?

5. Why does Rocky want to fight with Piri?

6. What are Piri and Brew's plans in Section 5?

7. What do Piri and his family say to each other the next morning?

8. Why does Little say he did not throw more punches at Piri's midsection?

9. Describe the argument between Piri and his brother, Jose.

10. How does the prison guard, Casey, react to Piri and Little fighting?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Outline Piri's prison routine How do the students think this routine benefited Piri? How did Piri make the most of his days?

Essay Topic 2

What insight does Piri give about the Great Depression in the Thirties? How do Piri's parents cope with the Great Depression? In what way does the Great Depression destroy, or almost destroy, the lives of people close to Piri? What did American society learn from the Great Depression in the Thirties?

Essay Topic 3

Why was the color of his skin such an issue to Piri? How much of the difficulties Piri had with the color was due to himself rather than society?

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