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The gang Piri joins along with Weneko and others.

Jolly Rogers

A rival gang.

Lexington Avenue in Spanish Harlem

The corner where Piri shines shoes. He notes it is not his corner alone and he has to fight for it every time he sets up his shoeshine business there.


A game among gang members. Piri notes it is sometimes dangerous and more than one person has lost a tooth over something said during the game.


Piri notes this area is not willing to give up its hold on people and they find they cannot stay away.

The James Clifford

The boat where Piri and Brew sign on with the merchant marines as mess boys.


A work program in effect during the author's childhood.

Home Relief

Piri's mother takes him with her to sign up for this welfare program.

The House of Do-Right

Located at...

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