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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1 through 5)


John Thomas, known to family and friends as Piri, grows up in New York during the Great Depression. His mother is a light-skinned Puerto Rican and his father is very dark skinned.

The aim of this lesson is to examine Piri's upbringing.


1) Class discussion. How do the students think Piri's upbringing molded him into the successful person he became? What effect do the students think being the darkest skinned of his siblings had on his mentality? What different experiences do the students think Piri went through in comparison to his siblings? Why do the students think Piri seems to have emerged as the strongest and most successful person among his siblings?

2) Ask the students to write 100 words on how each Piri's siblings have been affected by their upbringing. Why do the students think Piri emerged as the strongest child?

3) Ask the students to list all...

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