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Chapters 1 through 5

• John Thomas, known to family and friends as Piri, grows up in New York during the Great Depression. His mother is a light-skinned Puerto Rican and his father is a dark skinned Cuban.

• Piri thinks his father treats him differently from his siblings because of his dark-skinned appearance.
• Piri has to build up his reputation again when the family moves to a new neighborhood.

• Piri has a fight with a boy called Rocky and Rocky almost blinds him with asphalt.
• Piri cannot see at all and his father rushes him to the hospital. Piri returns home when his sight is restored.

• Over the following days, Piri's parents argue over their financial situation.
• Piri has to stay home from school to go with his mother to the Home Relief office where they have to apply for help.

• Piri talks about the way of life in Harlem. He...

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