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Short Answer Questions

1. For what is Paddy put in prison?

2. Where does the narrator say is the best lodgings?

3. What does the narrator say is a large part of Paddy's character?

4. Where does the narrator say the red faced man learned his prayer talk?

5. Paddy asks if ____________ lived before Jesus Christ.

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Paddy different from Boris?

2. What reason does the narrator give for the existence of tramps?

3. What are spikes?

4. What is the narrator's theory about British swear words?

5. What stories does the narrator hear at the Cromley spike?

6. How does the narrator describe the deputy and his wife?

7. What are the narrator's views on England as he travels there by boat?

8. What ideas does the narrator have to improve the tramp's lives?

9. How do the tramps behave in the church in chapter 33?

10. Why does Paddy want to bury his five pence?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Examine the novel's dialogue. How does Orwell's dialogue contribute to the following areas

1) Character

2) Setting

3) Plot

Essay Topic 2

How does the narrator represent working class life? In what ways does the book display both the good and bad sides of working class life?

Essay Topic 3

Down and Out in Paris and London is a famous book which has greatly influenced modern literature. Choose a book written after Down and Out in Paris and London and discuss how you think it was influenced by the novel. Discuss there similarities in terms of

a) plot

b) character

c) themes

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