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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many men live at the lodgings ?
(a) 90
(b) 140
(c) 150
(d) 120

2. What do the narrator and his acquaintance have to do before they receive food from the church?
(a) Listen to a sermon
(b) Sing and dance
(c) Debate religion with the vicar
(d) Vandalize a rival church

3. Where does the narrator spend most of his time in this chapter?
(a) The streets
(b) His lodgings
(c) The cinema
(d) The library

4. What do the tramps do during the sermon?
(a) Undress themselves
(b) Kidnap the preacher's wife
(c) Snigger
(d) Stomp their feet and jeer

5. Why does Paddy want to bury his money?
(a) To stop it from getting stolen
(b) To save it
(c) To see if it will grow
(d) To avoid prison

6. What does the narrator say will help the tramps be healthy?
(a) Homegrown vegetables
(b) The army
(c) Women
(d) Bread and margarine

7. What is the name of Paddy's friend?
(a) Bozo
(b) Bono
(c) Biff
(d) Jake

8. What does the narrator call Bozo?
(a) An outcat
(b) A loafer
(c) A loner
(d) A screever

9. What does the narrator say he will he never think again about tramps?
(a) They are a source of humor
(b) They are drunken scoundrels
(c) They are at fault for being homeless
(d) They have somewhere to go

10. How old is the former Eton boy?
(a) 60
(b) 19
(c) 34
(d) 50

11. What is the name give to the lead tramp?
(a) A tramp major
(b) King of the tramps
(c) A tramp general
(d) A tramp colonel

12. What do the tramps have to hand over before they enter a spike?
(a) Money and tobacco
(b) Jewerly and drugs
(c) Shoes and socks
(d) Weapons

13. What does the narrator say has destroyed manhood?
(a) Marriage
(b) Society
(c) Love
(d) Malnutrition

14. What does the narrator summarize in this chapter?
(a) Vagrant sleeping conditions
(b) The benefits of married life
(c) The British justice system
(d) Vagrant eating habits

15. Where do the tramps hide their money?
(a) In their socks
(b) In their underpants
(c) Up their sleeves
(d) In their shoes

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of street meeting does the narrator see in this chapter?

2. Who does the narrator say is at blame for the existence of tramps?

3. Where does the tramp major invite the narrator to work?

4. How often does Bozo draw new pictures?

5. What country did the robber run away to avoid a death sentence?

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