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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the tramps embarrassed by in this chapter?
(a) Their smell
(b) Prayer talk
(c) Their lack of education
(d) A nun

2. What is the name of the spike the narrator stays at in this chapter?
(a) Cromly
(b) Basildon
(c) Basingstoke
(d) Croydon

3. What does the narrator list in this chapter?
(a) Difficult to prounce words
(b) Swear words
(c) Things he needs to do
(d) Slang words

4. What did Bozo forget to do before he sold his razor?
(a) Make it blunt
(b) Lend it to the narrator
(c) Shave
(d) Sharpen it

5. Where do the group of men in this chapter live?
(a) On a boat
(b) Under a bridge
(c) An underground cellar
(d) A brothel

6. Where does the narrator say is the best lodgings?
(a) Basildon
(b) Croydon
(c) Hyde Park
(d) Tufnell Park

7. What kind of stories does the narrator hear at the Cromley spike?
(a) Bad luck stories
(b) Love stories
(c) Ghost stories
(d) Folk tales

8. Which item of clothing does the narrator not pawn?
(a) His best suit
(b) His overcoat
(c) His jeans
(d) His top hat

9. What does Bozo do to earn money?
(a) He is a pavement artist
(b) He writes poetry
(c) He sell cigarettes
(d) He sings and dances

10. How much money does Paddy want to bury?
(a) 50 pence
(b) 20 pence
(c) 5 pence
(d) 10 pence

11. What does the narrator say that lodging providers should be required to install?
(a) Toilets
(b) Sinks
(c) Beds
(d) A lounge area

12. How is Paddy eventually killed?
(a) He starves
(b) He jumps off a bridge
(c) He is murdered
(d) He is run over

13. What does the narrator say is illegal?
(a) Begging
(b) Fighting among tramps
(c) Pavement art
(d) Spikes

14. How old is the former Eton boy?
(a) 34
(b) 19
(c) 50
(d) 60

15. What is the name of the narrator's new friend?
(a) Paddy
(b) Sergei
(c) John
(d) Seamus

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the narrator and Paddy visit in this chapter?

2. How does the narrator describe Paddy's ignorance?

3. Name one of the slang words Orwell lists in this chapter.

4. What does the narrator say a tramp needs?

5. On the what do the tramps sleep?

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