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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Pickney describe Skink to Decker?

2. When Dickie Lockhart gets drunk and goes to find Charles Weeb in New Orleans, what is the date?

3. What is Bobby Clinch buried in?

4. When Decker returns to his trailer after having dinner with Catherine, the phone is ringing. Who is calling Decker?

5. How much money does Weeb pay to the state highway board for each of the interchanges granted to Weeb's development project?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Ott Pickney become the Davey Dillo mascot for the high school?

2. When Skink finally shows up at his house to find Decker waiting for him, why does Skink tell Decker that he is beginning to like him?

3. Why does Decker leave his first profession out of high school and accept a job at a local newspaper?

4. As Tile, Decker, and Skink are driving away from the slough after finding Pickney's body, why does Tile have Decker and Skink duck down when an oncoming car gets close?

5. Why did Decker quit doing photography as a living?

6. Why does the local pathologist who examines Bobby Clinch's body not do a thorough autopsy?

7. In Weeb's mind, what is the difference between a canal and a lake?

8. Years before the story takes place, what did Decker do to land him in Apalachee prison?

9. What does Dennis Gault hope to gain by pulling out of the next few fishing tournaments?

10. How does Pickney characterize bass guides when Decker asks Pickney for his help in finding a guide?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

R.J. Decker and Skink have been together throughout the novel. They've been shot at together, eluded police together, and tried to solve murders together. However, as the final plan comes together, the two men separate. Decker goes to rescue Catherine and Skink heads to Lunker Lakes. Why does Decker refuse to let Skink come with him and insist the other men continue their Lunker Lakes plan? What makes the Lunker Lakes plan different from their other plans? Do you agree with Decker's decision to rescue Catherine alone? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

There are several characters introduced in the story who do not survive until the end. Identify at least three people killed as the novel progresses. Compare and contrast each of these deaths, being sure to indicate which character died, how the character died, who was responsible for the character's death, and what impact on the overall plot the character's death had. What could have - or should have - been learned from each of these deaths by the other characters?

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contrast the characteristics, roles, loyalties, and agendas of the following people in the story: R.J. Decker, Skink, Dickie Lockhart, Charles Weeb, and Thomas Curl.

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