Objects & Places from Double Whammy

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Double Whammy

This is a fishing lure used to catch bass.

Lunkers and Hawgs

These are types of fish.

Fishing Poles

These are used by the participants in the tournament.


Most of these that are used in the tournament are large and expensive.


These provide evidence of cheating in the tournament.

Fish Tanks

One of the murdered bodies is found is one of these.


These are used by the protagonist to collect evidence.

Road Kill

This is cooked by one of the characters to eat.

Pickup Truck

This is where the dead newspaper man is found.


This is a fish befriended by one of the characters.


This is where the protagonist lives.

Harney, Florida

This is where one of the characters films a television show.

New Orleans

This is where one of the characters is murdered and another character is accused of the...

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