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These Are My Demands!

Dickie Lockhart shows up at Charles Weeb's hotel room and places several demands on Weeb. If you were Dickie Lockhart, what would you demand from Weeb? Come up with at least three demands of your own.

This Is What I Saw

Imagine you are Decker. Skink has been recommended to you as a fishing guide. However, Skink has been described as being somewhat eccentric. Write your impressions of the first time you saw and met Skink.

And That's What Happened....

Imagine you are the newspaper reporter assigned to write the story surrounding the Dickie Lockart Memorial Bass Tournament. Your task is to write a well-rounded, unbiased article that presents the facts, as well as the implications of the many events that surrounded the tournament, including Weeb's arrest, Tile and Garcia's police escort, and allegations of cheating by the competitors.

The Characters Involved

Pick any...

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