Double Whammy Character Descriptions

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R.J. Decker

After serving a short term in prison for assault, this character becomes a private detective.

Clinton Skink Tyree

This character is an eccentric who lives in the woods in an old ramshackle cabin and eats road kill for most of his meals.

Catherine, Decker's Ex-Wife

This character takes the blame for the emotional meltdown suffered by the protagonist that led to the assault conviction.

Dennis Gault

This character hires the protagonist to investigate allegations of cheating at the bass fishing tournaments.

Lanie Gault

This character is having an affair with one of the people murdered in the story.

Charles Weeb

This character becomes a televangelist as an easy way to make money.

Dickie Lockhart

This character hosts a fishing show on cable television.

Al Garcia and Jim Tile

These characters are in law enforcement.

Bobby Clinch

This character is a bass fisherman who is murdered...

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