Double Standards Short Essay - Answer Key

Judith McNaught
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1. What is the premise of DOUBLE STANDARDS?

DOUBLE STANDARDS is a novel by Judith McNaught. The novel tells the story of Lauren Danner and Nick Sinclair. Lauren is an innocent young pianist who has come to the big city to find a job that will help rescue her father from a perilous financial situation. Lauren gets a job with Nick's company, Sinco, and quickly finds herself in a situation beyond her experience and control.

2. Why has Lauren come to Detroit?

Lauren has come to Detroit to ask a job from a distant relative in order to rescue her family from sure financial disaster. Lauren's father is a sick man with no health insurance, leaving Lauren desperate to find a way to deal with the mounting medical bills.

3. What is the nature of the job offered to Lauren by Philip Whitworth?

When Philip Whitworth, a distant relative of her father's, offers Lauren a job spying on one of his competitors, Lauren is desperate enough to take the offer. However, Lauren changes her mind on the way to the interview and purposely fails her employment tests.

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