Objects & Places from Double Standards

Judith McNaught
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Pill Box

As a five-year-old boy, Nick bought this object for his mother in hopes of buying her back into his life.

Ruby Pendant

Nick gives this to Lauren to convince her to come back to him.


Lauren steals several cover pages of these offers that Sinco is making and gives them to Philip Whitworth to keep him from telling Nick lies about their relationship.

Medical Bills

Lauren is desperate for a good job in order to help her father pay off his mounting debts as a result of these.


Lauren is forced to sell this to help pay her father's medical bills.


Whitworth allows Lauren to stay at the condo, which he says belongs to his aunt. However, it turns out to be a hideaway for his mistresses.


The condo's closets are filled with these items that Whitworth allows Lauren to have. Later...

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