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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lola ask Walter?
(a) If he still loves her
(b) Not to appear agains Mr. Sachetti
(c) If he still loves Phyllis
(d) If he killed her father

2. What happens to Walter while waiting in Mr. Sanchetti's car?
(a) He inhales fumes
(b) He is shot
(c) He is mugged
(d) He recants his story

3. How does Walter find out about his shooting?
(a) Two nurses talking
(b) A doctor telling a nurse
(c) A newspaper account
(d) Keyes making a phone call

4. What action does Phyllis take next?
(a) Leaves the country for good
(b) Marries her secret lover
(c) Goes on an extended vacation
(d) Has her lawyer file a suit to enforce payment

5. What does Phyllis say she'll do one night?
(a) Call Lola and apologize
(b) Slip off the stern of the ship
(c) Marry Walter
(d) Join the captain at dinner

Short Answer Questions

1. Why had Mr. Sanchetti suspected Phyllis was up to something the night his car was stolen?

2. What does Keyes say will happen to Lola?

3. Why is Keyes excited now?

4. How did Mr. Sanchetti get to Griffith Park?

5. Where is Lola living now?

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