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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Walter find out about his shooting?
(a) A newspaper account
(b) A doctor telling a nurse
(c) Keyes making a phone call
(d) Two nurses talking

2. What does Walter ask Keyes?
(a) If they got the woman and the bullet
(b) If Lola has visited yet
(c) If he is going to live
(d) If he is paralyzed

3. What information does Walter find in Keyes' office?
(a) Keyes is dropping the investigation
(b) Keyes wants Walter followed
(c) Keyes thinks Walter is innocent
(d) Keyes thinks Walter is guilty

4. What is following the ship?
(a) A Coast Guard ship
(b) A shark
(c) A dolphin
(d) A schooner

5. What is Walter aware of when he wakes from the anesthesia?
(a) He is handcuffed
(b) He is gagging
(c) He can't see
(d) He is paralyzed

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Walter learn about Mr. Sanchetti?

2. Who does Walter have to meet with when he gets to the office?

3. What will Keyes give to Walter?

4. What does Lola vow to do?

5. What is the one thing that Keyes cannot understand?

Short Essay Questions

1. What information about Sachetti does Walter learn from Lola?

2. What does Phyllis do after the insurance company denies liability for the accident claim?

3. How does Walter find out who Keyes thinks is Phyllis' accomplice?

4. What is Walter's main concern after he tells Keyes about killing Nirdlinger?

5. What is Keyes' position on the accident?

6. What are the terms of the deal that Keyes presents to Walter?

7. How does Lola react when Walter advises her about not testifying about Phyllis?

8. What suspicious information does Lola give to Walter?

9. How did Sachetti come to be at the site of Walter's shooting that night?

10. What does Keyes tell Walter to get him to start thinking about confessing to Nirdlinger's murder?

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