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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is following the ship?
(a) A shark
(b) A dolphin
(c) A schooner
(d) A Coast Guard ship

2. From eavesdropping, shy does Lola think Mr. Sanchetti was not involved in her father's death?
(a) He would not have the guts to commit murder
(b) He is too naive
(c) He does not love Phyllis enough
(d) He never mentioned money

3. What is Walter's plan?
(a) Tell Keyes that Mr. Sanchetti killed Mr. Nirdlinger
(b) Take Lola and leave the country
(c) Tell the police that Mr. Sanchetti killed Mr. Nirdlinger
(d) Steal Mr. Sanchetti's car and send it over a cliff with Phyllis in it

4. What does Walter realize when he sees Phyllis?
(a) He still loves her
(b) He would kill for her all over again
(c) He cannot stand her
(d) Keyes has set them up

5. What does Keyes want Walter to give him which needs to be signed by a notary public?
(a) His Power of Attorney
(b) His will
(c) A full confession
(d) His auto title

6. Walter thinks Phyllis will be all right if ___________________________.
(a) Lola doesn't squeal on her
(b) She remains in love with him
(c) She sticks to her story
(d) Keyes can't find any more dirt on her

7. What are Walter's true feelings about Phyllis now?
(a) He loves her but knows she does not love him
(b) He is still in love with her and can't wait until they can be together
(c) He can't stand to even hear her voice
(d) He hopes she moves away and lets him alone

8. What consumes Walter's thoughts after Keyes leaves?
(a) If he will get his sight back
(b) How Lola will find out the truth about him
(c) Whether Phyllis will try to kill him
(d) Whether he will ever walk again

9. What does Walter think will happen at Mazatlan?
(a) They will go snorkeling
(b) They will be arrested
(c) They will get married
(d) They will go sightseeing

10. What confuses Walter about Phyllis?
(a) Why she thought the murder would work
(b) Why she ever married Nirdlinger in the first place
(c) How she can be so sweet in light of all the horrible things she has done
(d) Why she chose him to do the murder

11. What does Lola tell Walter?
(a) She has the same feeling she had when her mother died
(b) She never loved her father
(c) She knows about Walter's role in the murder
(d) She is moving out of town

12. What does Lola tell Walter when he takes her out to dinner?
(a) She is ready to recant what she had told him about Phyllis' part in her mother's death
(b) She is going to grief counseling
(c) She needs sleeping pills to get any rest
(d) She is going to the police with the information she has

13. Who is Walter dating during this time?
(a) Phyllis
(b) Lola
(c) Julie
(d) Nettie

14. How did Mr. Sanchetti get to Griffith Park?
(a) He took a cab
(b) He rode a bike
(c) He rented a car
(d) He walked

15. What does Walter fantasize about?
(a) Marrying Lola
(b) Marrying Nettie
(c) Marrying Phyllis
(d) Marrying Julie

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lola ask Walter?

2. What does Keyes tell Walter probably saved his life?

3. Who does not believe that Nirdlinger committed suicide?

4. What does the answer to #100 want to know?

5. What happens when Phyllis files her claim for payment?

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