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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Lola's mother die?
(a) Pneumonia
(b) Heart disease
(c) Car accident
(d) Cancer

2. Who does Walter want to be implicated in his plan?
(a) Phyllis
(b) Nettie
(c) Mr. Sanchetti
(d) Lola

3. What does Walter ask Keyes?
(a) If Lola has visited yet
(b) If they got the woman and the bullet
(c) If he is going to live
(d) If he is paralyzed

4. What does Walter think will happen at Mazatlan?
(a) They will go snorkeling
(b) They will be arrested
(c) They will go sightseeing
(d) They will get married

5. What else drives Walter to make his decision?
(a) The fear of losing Lola
(b) He wants a new career
(c) The guilt is making him sick
(d) He wants revenge on Phyllis

6. Where does Phyllis call Walter from so they can talk privately?
(a) A restaurant
(b) A pay phone
(c) A hotel
(d) A bus station

7. What information does Keyes share with Walter?
(a) The Nirdlinger case is still under criminal investigation
(b) The insurance company is going to pay the Nirdlinger claim in full
(c) Walter has been put on suspension
(d) Phyllis' accomplice has shown up five nights in a week

8. What does Lola vow to do?
(a) Reveal her suspicions about Phyllis to the police
(b) Leave the city for good
(c) Get Mr. Sanchetti back
(d) Kill Phyllis

9. What does Phyllis say she'll do one night?
(a) Marry Walter
(b) Slip off the stern of the ship
(c) Call Lola and apologize
(d) Join the captain at dinner

10. What does Walter realize when he sees Phyllis?
(a) He would kill for her all over again
(b) He cannot stand her
(c) Keyes has set them up
(d) He still loves her

11. What does Keyes think is the best way to catch the perpetrator of a crime like this?
(a) Surprise
(b) Intense questioning
(c) Surveillance
(d) Persistence

12. What confuses Walter about Phyllis?
(a) Why she chose him to do the murder
(b) Why she thought the murder would work
(c) How she can be so sweet in light of all the horrible things she has done
(d) Why she ever married Nirdlinger in the first place

13. How does Walter find out about his shooting?
(a) A newspaper account
(b) Two nurses talking
(c) Keyes making a phone call
(d) A doctor telling a nurse

14. Where is Lola living now?
(a) With Mr. Sachetti
(b) Her own apartment
(c) With a girlfriend
(d) In a dorm

15. What does Keyes tell Walter probably saved his life?
(a) A vagrant in the park
(b) A group of kids
(c) A passing policeman
(d) A wadded up theater program in his pocket

Short Answer Questions

1. Walter thinks that he has been made a ___________ by Phyllis.

2. What does Walter do with the information Lola shared with him?

3. What does the nurse give Walter?

4. What advice does Walter give Phyllis?

5. What is Walter's plan?

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