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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Phyllis contact Walter during this time?
(a) Messengers
(b) Telegrams
(c) Calls from pay phones
(d) Coded letters

2. What does the answer to #100 want to know?
(a) The details of Nirdlinger's insurance policy
(b) Where Walter was last night
(c) If Walter has ever been to Palo Alto
(d) Why Walter loaned money to Lola's boyfriend

3. What happens to Walter and Phyllis?
(a) They commit suicide
(b) They get married
(c) They write their memoirs
(d) They turn themselves in to the captain

4. What information does Keyes share with Walter?
(a) The insurance company is going to pay the Nirdlinger claim in full
(b) The Nirdlinger case is still under criminal investigation
(c) Walter has been put on suspension
(d) Phyllis' accomplice has shown up five nights in a week

5. How is Nirdlinger's death reported?
(a) As an accident
(b) As a mob hit
(c) As a suicide
(d) As a murder

6. What does Walter see while he waits for Phyllis in a grove?
(a) Some vagrants
(b) Police patrolling
(c) A flash of light
(d) Lovers in an embrace

7. Who was the woman arrested for shooting Walter?
(a) Julie
(b) Nettie
(c) Phyllis
(d) Lola

8. What advice does Walter give Phyllis?
(a) What to do at trial
(b) How to raise Lola
(c) How to invest the money
(d) How to act innocent

9. What does Walter ask Keyes?
(a) If he is paralyzed
(b) If he is going to live
(c) If Lola has visited yet
(d) If they got the woman and the bullet

10. What does Walter tell Keyes when he fears for Lola's safety?
(a) That Lola was going to implicate Phyllis in her father's murder
(b) That he killed Nirdlinger
(c) That Lola planned the whole thing
(d) That Lola killed her mother

11. Who else is in the hospital room?
(a) Phyllis
(b) Nettie
(c) Lola
(d) Keyes

12. How did Mr. Sanchetti get to Griffith Park?
(a) He rented a car
(b) He rode a bike
(c) He took a cab
(d) He walked

13. What does the nurse give Walter?
(a) A pillow
(b) Ice to suck on
(c) A sponge bath
(d) A blanket

14. What does Walter have in a file at his company?
(a) A recording of Phyllis and him
(b) A taped recording of Phyliss and Mr. Sanchetti
(c) A key to Mr. Sanchetti's car
(d) A photo of Phyliss and Mr. Sanchetti together

15. What action does Phyllis take next?
(a) Has her lawyer file a suit to enforce payment
(b) Goes on an extended vacation
(c) Marries her secret lover
(d) Leaves the country for good

Short Answer Questions

1. What country does Walter see from the deck?

2. Why had Mr. Sanchetti suspected Phyllis was up to something the night his car was stolen?

3. What does Walter do after getting his ticket from Keyes?

4. Whose efforts got Walter to the hospital?

5. What does Lola ask Walter?

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