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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose efforts got Walter to the hospital?
(a) Keyes
(b) Mr. Sanchetti
(c) Lola
(d) Phyllis

2. What does Walter learn about Mr. Sanchetti?
(a) He and Lola have escaped
(b) He pretended to fall in love with Phyllis to get incriminating evidence against her
(c) He has already married Phyllis
(d) He has been divorced three times

3. What does Walter realize when he sees Phyllis?
(a) He cannot stand her
(b) Keyes has set them up
(c) He still loves her
(d) He would kill for her all over again

4. What is following the ship?
(a) A dolphin
(b) A schooner
(c) A shark
(d) A Coast Guard ship

5. Who accompanies Keyes when he visits Walter later that night?
(a) Phyllis and Lola
(b) Mr. Norton and two lawyers
(c) Mr. Norton and Phyllis
(d) Lola and Mr. Sanchetti

6. What does Lola vow to do?
(a) Leave the city for good
(b) Get Mr. Sanchetti back
(c) Kill Phyllis
(d) Reveal her suspicions about Phyllis to the police

7. Who rules the death an accident?
(a) The coroner
(b) The insurance investigators
(c) The police detectives
(d) The F.B.I.

8. Who is Walter shocked to see on board?
(a) Keyes
(b) Julie
(c) Lola
(d) Phyllis

9. What does Walter say is the only reason he has confessed to Nirdlinger's murder?
(a) So Lola will love him again
(b) So the police won't beat Lola
(c) So he can die with a clear conscience
(d) So Phyllis will be punished too

10. What are Walter's true feelings about Phyllis now?
(a) He loves her but knows she does not love him
(b) He can't stand to even hear her voice
(c) He hopes she moves away and lets him alone
(d) He is still in love with her and can't wait until they can be together

11. What is Walter aware of when he wakes from the anesthesia?
(a) He is gagging
(b) He is paralyzed
(c) He is handcuffed
(d) He can't see

12. What action does Phyllis take next?
(a) Leaves the country for good
(b) Has her lawyer file a suit to enforce payment
(c) Marries her secret lover
(d) Goes on an extended vacation

13. Where does Phyllis call Walter from so they can talk privately?
(a) A bus station
(b) A pay phone
(c) A hotel
(d) A restaurant

14. What does Keyes tell Walter about Lola?
(a) She has killed Mr. Sanchetti
(b) She has killed Phyllis
(c) She thought Mr. Sanchetti shot Walter out of jealousy
(d) She has admitted to the murders of her father and mother

15. What does Walter ask Keyes?
(a) If he is going to live
(b) If they got the woman and the bullet
(c) If he is paralyzed
(d) If Lola has visited yet

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lola confess to Walter one night?

2. What confuses Walter about Phyllis?

3. How did Mr. Sanchetti get to Griffith Park?

4. What does Keyes think is the best way to catch the perpetrator of a crime like this?

5. What does Lola tell Walter when he takes her out to dinner?

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