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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was apprehended for trying to get Walter out of Mr. Sanchetti's car?
(a) Mr. Sanchetti
(b) Nettie
(c) Lola
(d) Phyllis

2. Where is Lola living now?
(a) Her own apartment
(b) In a dorm
(c) With a girlfriend
(d) With Mr. Sachetti

3. How is Nirdlinger's death reported?
(a) As an accident
(b) As a suicide
(c) As a mob hit
(d) As a murder

4. What does the answer to #100 want to know?
(a) If Walter has ever been to Palo Alto
(b) Why Walter loaned money to Lola's boyfriend
(c) Where Walter was last night
(d) The details of Nirdlinger's insurance policy

5. What does Walter fantasize about?
(a) Marrying Phyllis
(b) Marrying Julie
(c) Marrying Nettie
(d) Marrying Lola

6. What does Walter learn about Mr. Sanchetti?
(a) He pretended to fall in love with Phyllis to get incriminating evidence against her
(b) He and Lola have escaped
(c) He has already married Phyllis
(d) He has been divorced three times

7. What does Walter realize when he sees Phyllis?
(a) He still loves her
(b) He cannot stand her
(c) Keyes has set them up
(d) He would kill for her all over again

8. What advice does Walter give Phyllis?
(a) What to do at trial
(b) How to raise Lola
(c) How to invest the money
(d) How to act innocent

9. From eavesdropping, shy does Lola think Mr. Sanchetti was not involved in her father's death?
(a) He is too naive
(b) He would not have the guts to commit murder
(c) He does not love Phyllis enough
(d) He never mentioned money

10. What does Phyllis say she'll do one night?
(a) Marry Walter
(b) Call Lola and apologize
(c) Slip off the stern of the ship
(d) Join the captain at dinner

11. Who is Walter shocked to see on board?
(a) Julie
(b) Phyllis
(c) Keyes
(d) Lola

12. What happens when Phyllis files her claim for payment?
(a) The insurance company has her arrested
(b) The insurance company denies liability
(c) A messenger delivers her check that afternoon
(d) She gets a check the following week

13. What does Lola tell Walter?
(a) She is moving out of town
(b) She never loved her father
(c) She knows about Walter's role in the murder
(d) She has the same feeling she had when her mother died

14. What happens to Walter and Phyllis?
(a) They commit suicide
(b) They write their memoirs
(c) They get married
(d) They turn themselves in to the captain

15. What information does Keyes share with Walter?
(a) Phyllis' accomplice has shown up five nights in a week
(b) The Nirdlinger case is still under criminal investigation
(c) The insurance company is going to pay the Nirdlinger claim in full
(d) Walter has been put on suspension

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Mr. Sanchetti get to Griffith Park?

2. What else are the investigators waiting on?

3. What are Walter's true feelings about Phyllis now?

4. What does Walter ask Keyes?

5. Who does Walter want to be implicated in his plan?

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