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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Walter nervous with Lola in the room?
(a) She is very attractive
(b) She is too young to be involved
(c) He is uncomfortable considering the plan to kill her father
(d) She is very outspoken

2. Who pays Mr. Nirdlinger's auto insurance?
(a) Mr. Nirdlinger
(b) His company
(c) The family accountant
(d) Phyllis

3. What does Phyllis tell Walter before he leaves?
(a) She wants to divorce her husband
(b) She'll let him know when he can return
(c) She loves him
(d) She wants to have an affair

4. Why does Walter say they cannot disable Mr. Nirdlinger's car for the accident?
(a) Walter does not want to arouse any suspicions
(b) Walter does not want to leave fingerprints
(c) Walter does not know how to do that
(d) The plan involves Walter using the car

5. Who does Lola ask Walter to stop and pick up on the way?
(a) Her tutor, Gary
(b) Her boyfriend, Mr. Sachetti
(c) Her best friend, Angie
(d) Her tennis instructor, Mr. Sargenti

6. What does Walter hear as he crouches in the dark?
(a) Music from a bar
(b) Children playing
(c) Dogs barking
(d) Panting and footsteps

7. What has Walter done that Keyes looks favorably on him?
(a) Helped him move to a new house last month
(b) Clipped a note to a potential problem application
(c) Volunteers at the hospital every week
(d) Donates blood every three months

8. Where is Mr. Nirdlinger's body left while Walter and Phyllis go to the train station?
(a) In a hole
(b) In the locked car
(c) In a cave
(d) In a ditch

9. Where does Walter have dinner?
(a) At his mother's house
(b) At a steakhouse
(c) At home
(d) At a sushi restaurant

10. What does Walter actually do after Phyllis' plea?
(a) Kisses her
(b) Makes a phone call
(c) Leaves the house
(d) Slaps her

11. What happens that forces Mr. Nirdlinger to take the train?
(a) He breaks his arm
(b) The car is wrecked
(c) The car is in for service
(d) He breaks his ankle

12. What does Walter burn in the fireplace when he returns home?
(a) The train ticket
(b) The fake cast
(c) The insurance policy
(d) The map to Palo Alto

13. What makes it difficult to board a train unnoticed?
(a) Too many passengers
(b) Inclement weather
(c) Too much luggage
(d) Being on crutches

14. What is a major issue for Walter and Phyllis?
(a) How to get Walter out of the country
(b) How to get Walter to travel by train
(c) How to get Lola to leave the house
(d) How to get a divorce for Phyllis

15. What is Walter's spot to jump off the train?
(a) A water tower
(b) A dairy sign
(c) A red barn
(d) A church

Short Answer Questions

1. Which method do Walter and Phyllis decide for the murder?

2. Where is Walter headed when he remembers something for another customer?

3. Why does Walter say he wants to help Phyllis?

4. What does Lola caution Walter about?

5. What is Phyllis wearing when she first talks to Walter?

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