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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Phyllis carrying as she approaches Walter?
(a) Her husband's body
(b) Her husband's suitcase
(c) Her husband's crutches
(d) Her husband's glasses

2. Who does Phyllis give the items to at the train station?
(a) A porter
(b) The man selling tickets
(c) The ticket taker
(d) Walter

3. What does Walter use to break Mr. Nirdlinger's neck?
(a) A crutch
(b) An anvil
(c) An iron rod
(d) A tire iron

4. Where is Walter headed when he remembers something for another customer?
(a) Beverly Hills
(b) Pasadena
(c) Glendale
(d) Sacramento

5. Who observes as Walter and Mr. Nirdlinger discuss the papers?
(a) The maid
(b) The gardener
(c) Phyllis
(d) The family attorney

6. What beverage does Phyllis offer Walter?
(a) Brandy
(b) Tea
(c) Lemonade
(d) Coffee

7. What does Walter tell Phyllis?
(a) He wants to marry her
(b) Her policy has been denied
(c) She is going to arrange an accident to kill her husband
(d) He never wants to see her again

8. What is Walter's first thought to Phyllis' plea?
(a) Refuse and offer an alternative
(b) Pass it on to his colleagues
(c) Sleep on it
(d) Leave immediately

9. What does Lola caution Walter about?
(a) Not to tell her family about her boyfriend
(b) Not to take the interstate home
(c) Not to flirt with her anymore
(d) Not to get involved with Phyllis

10. How does Phyllis react to Walter's coaching her about how to react?
(a) She screams at him to get out of the car
(b) She is mildly irritated about his persistence
(c) She is very annoyed and swears at him
(d) She calmly tells him that she knows what to do

11. What does Walter hear as he crouches in the dark?
(a) Dogs barking
(b) Music from a bar
(c) Children playing
(d) Panting and footsteps

12. Where does Walter have dinner?
(a) At his mother's house
(b) At a steakhouse
(c) At home
(d) At a sushi restaurant

13. What happens after Walter hangs up the phone?
(a) He takes a shower
(b) He eats dinner
(c) He vomits
(d) He listens to the radio

14. Who does Walter call from his home to complete his alibi?
(a) Phyllis
(b) Another insurance agent
(c) Lola
(d) His mother

15. Which method do Walter and Phyllis decide for the murder?
(a) Boating accident
(b) Train accident
(c) Swimming pool accident
(d) Shooting

Short Answer Questions

1. With what article of clothing does Phyllis flirt with Walter?

2. What has Walter done that Keyes looks favorably on him?

3. What does Walter actually do after Phyllis' plea?

4. Why does Walter snap at Phyllis in the car?

5. Who is Keyes?

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