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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Mr. Nirdlinger's body left while Walter and Phyllis go to the train station?
(a) In the locked car
(b) In a ditch
(c) In a hole
(d) In a cave

2. Why does Walter say they cannot disable Mr. Nirdlinger's car for the accident?
(a) Walter does not want to arouse any suspicions
(b) Walter does not want to leave fingerprints
(c) Walter does not know how to do that
(d) The plan involves Walter using the car

3. What is Walter's worry about his work?
(a) That he will get fired
(b) That his customers won't pay their premiums
(c) That his customers are frauds
(d) That it will drop off

4. What does Walter try to anticipate?
(a) Getting a new job
(b) Marrying Phyllis
(c) Where he and Phyllis will live
(d) How the authorities will investigate the crime

5. How does Walter feel for the way he responds to Phyllis?
(a) Excited
(b) Emboldened
(c) Foolish
(d) Young

6. What does Phyllis ask Walter about?
(a) Accident insurance
(b) A tax return
(c) A medical procedure
(d) Her will

7. What does Phyllis do after Walter's accusation?
(a) Throws a vase
(b) Makes a phone call
(c) Kisses him
(d) Leaves the house

8. What does Walter remember for another customer?
(a) Auto Policy renewal
(b) Updating a will
(c) Revising a tax return
(d) Medication refill

9. What happens that forces Mr. Nirdlinger to take the train?
(a) The car is wrecked
(b) He breaks his arm
(c) The car is in for service
(d) He breaks his ankle

10. What happens after Walter hangs up the phone?
(a) He eats dinner
(b) He listens to the radio
(c) He takes a shower
(d) He vomits

11. What is Phyllis' demeanor during this time?
(a) Irritable
(b) Not too concerned
(c) Obsessive
(d) Guilty

12. What is the state of Walter's senses after the murder?
(a) In shock
(b) Dulled
(c) Guilty
(d) Extremely sharp

13. Who does Lola ask Walter to stop and pick up on the way?
(a) Her best friend, Angie
(b) Her boyfriend, Mr. Sachetti
(c) Her tutor, Gary
(d) Her tennis instructor, Mr. Sargenti

14. What does Walter do at 4:00 on the day of Mr. Nirdlinger's scheduled departure?
(a) Has some drinks at Happy Hour
(b) Attends a French class
(c) Goes to a movie
(d) Interviews a long-term prospect

15. What does Phyllis tell Walter when she calls him?
(a) She has the flu
(b) Mr. Nirdlinger is wearing a blue suit
(c) She is leaving town
(d) Lola has run away

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Walter insist on listening to the radio?

2. How does Phyllis react to Walter's coaching her about how to react?

3. Where does Mr. Nirdlinger work?

4. What method of transportation does Mr. Nirdlinger use primarily?

5. What does Walter do on the day of Mr. Nirdlinger's scheduled departure?

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