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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lola caution Walter about?
(a) Not to tell her family about her boyfriend
(b) Not to get involved with Phyllis
(c) Not to take the interstate home
(d) Not to flirt with her anymore

2. Who is the customer that Walter remembers?
(a) Mr. Newhouse
(b) Mr. Newcomb
(c) Mr. Nidrlinger
(d) Mr. Nevins

3. What does Walter stuff into his coat?
(a) Cigarettes
(b) Rope and an iron rod
(c) Train ticket
(d) Insurance policy

4. Who has Phyllis selected as a witness?
(a) The gardener
(b) The family attorney
(c) The maid
(d) Her stepdaughter, Lola

5. Who does Walter place a phone call to?
(a) Mr. Nirdlinger
(b) The night watchman at his office
(c) Phyllis
(d) Lola

6. What does Walter tell Phyllis?
(a) He wants to marry her
(b) She is going to arrange an accident to kill her husband
(c) Her policy has been denied
(d) He never wants to see her again

7. Where does Walter have dinner?
(a) At home
(b) At his mother's house
(c) At a steakhouse
(d) At a sushi restaurant

8. Where does Mr. Nirdlinger work?
(a) Governor's office
(b) LAX
(c) FBI
(d) Oil fields

9. What happens to Walter as the accident policy is processing over the winter and spring?
(a) He moves out of town
(b) He breaks his leg
(c) He has many sleepless nights
(d) He changes his mind

10. Who observes Walter's preparations for bed at 6:45 p.m.?
(a) His girlfriend
(b) His maid
(c) His Filipino houseboy
(d) His neighbor

11. What is a major issue for Walter and Phyllis?
(a) How to get a divorce for Phyllis
(b) How to get Lola to leave the house
(c) How to get Walter to travel by train
(d) How to get Walter out of the country

12. Why is Walter nervous with Lola in the room?
(a) She is very attractive
(b) He is uncomfortable considering the plan to kill her father
(c) She is very outspoken
(d) She is too young to be involved

13. Who does Walter call from his home to complete his alibi?
(a) Lola
(b) Phyllis
(c) Another insurance agent
(d) His mother

14. What method of transportation does Mr. Nirdlinger use primarily?
(a) Bus
(b) Car
(c) Plane
(d) Train

15. Where is Walter headed when he remembers something for another customer?
(a) Glendale
(b) Pasadena
(c) Sacramento
(d) Beverly Hills

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Walter actually do after Phyllis' plea?

2. What does Lola want from Walter?

3. Who does Walter learn has called him at the office?

4. Where is Mr. Nirdlinger's body left while Walter and Phyllis go to the train station?

5. What does Walter do after he jumps off the train?

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