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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who has Phyllis selected as a witness?
(a) The maid
(b) The gardener
(c) Her stepdaughter, Lola
(d) The family attorney

2. Who does Walter learn has called him at the office?
(a) Mrs. Nirdlinger
(b) The Nirdlinger's daughter
(c) Mr. Nirdlinger
(d) The Nirdlinger's maid

3. What does Walter do after he jumps off the train?
(a) Phones a friend to come get him
(b) Crouches between two sets of tracks
(c) Stops at a bar for a drink
(d) Drives away in his car

4. Phyllis is attractive, but sort of _____________.
(a) Sad
(b) Washed-out looking
(c) Rude
(d) Angry

5. What is Phyllis carrying as she approaches Walter?
(a) Her husband's glasses
(b) Her husband's suitcase
(c) Her husband's crutches
(d) Her husband's body

6. What does Phyllis do to prevent all the porters from looking too closely at Walter?
(a) Dumps the contents of her purse
(b) Creates a distraction by pulling up her stockings
(c) Rushes ahead to tip one of the porters
(d) Retreats into the station

7. Who observes as Walter and Mr. Nirdlinger discuss the papers?
(a) The family attorney
(b) The gardener
(c) Phyllis
(d) The maid

8. What does Walter swindle Mr. Nirdlinger into doing?
(a) Revising his will
(b) Buying him an airline ticket
(c) Buying three policies
(d) Writing two checks

9. What does Walter use to break Mr. Nirdlinger's neck?
(a) An anvil
(b) An iron rod
(c) A crutch
(d) A tire iron

10. What does Phyllis tell Walter before he leaves?
(a) She'll let him know when he can return
(b) She wants to divorce her husband
(c) She wants to have an affair
(d) She loves him

11. What happens to Walter as the accident policy is processing over the winter and spring?
(a) He changes his mind
(b) He breaks his leg
(c) He moves out of town
(d) He has many sleepless nights

12. For what characteristic is Walter known?
(a) Sense of humor
(b) Compulsive behavior
(c) Golf game
(d) Bright red hair

13. What does Walter stuff into his coat?
(a) Insurance policy
(b) Rope and an iron rod
(c) Cigarettes
(d) Train ticket

14. What does Phyllis tell Walter?
(a) She wants to buy another policy
(b) She wants to separate from her husband
(c) She never wants to see him again
(d) She loves her husband and worries about him

15. What does Walter stop Phyllis from discarding?
(a) A scarf
(b) A matchbook
(c) A cigarette
(d) A cigar

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Phyllis' demeanor during this time?

2. What does Walter try to anticipate?

3. What does Lola want from Walter?

4. What will the insurance company think about Mr. Nirdlinger?

5. Who does Walter meet at the customer's house?

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