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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who else does Walter call to ask about his rate book?
(a) His golfing buddy, Jim
(b) His cleaning lady, Alice
(c) His best friend, Gordon
(d) His secretary, Nettie

2. Where is Mr. Nirdlinger's class reunion to be held?
(a) Los Angeles
(b) Palo Alto
(c) San Diego
(d) San Jose

3. What is a major issue for Walter and Phyllis?
(a) How to get Walter out of the country
(b) How to get Lola to leave the house
(c) How to get a divorce for Phyllis
(d) How to get Walter to travel by train

4. What does Walter swindle Mr. Nirdlinger into doing?
(a) Writing two checks
(b) Buying three policies
(c) Revising his will
(d) Buying him an airline ticket

5. Which method do Walter and Phyllis decide for the murder?
(a) Train accident
(b) Swimming pool accident
(c) Shooting
(d) Boating accident

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Walter have dinner?

2. Who pays Mr. Nirdlinger's auto insurance?

3. What does Phyllis tell Walter when he comes for his second visit?

4. Where is Walter headed when he remembers something for another customer?

5. What does Phyllis tell Lola she needs help with?

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