Double Indemnity Character Descriptions

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Walter Huff

This character possesses a self-image as someone who is just a shade cleverer than other people, and this perception is his fatal flaw.

Phyllis Nirdlinger

Although her true history does not come out until nearly the end of the story, she belongs in a class of serial killers like those of today, people like Ted Bundy and Aileen Wuornos.


He is the head of the Claims Department and another character call him the most tiresome man to do business with in the whole world.

Lola Nirdlinger

She is portrayed as a naive girl with a crush on a boyfriend who is not acceptable to her parents.


At first there may be some suspicions about him since he is seeing another character secretly and hiding it from her father.


He is the head of the insurance company who seems at first to be the...

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