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Marion Meade
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Short Answer Questions

1. What department was Dorothy working in at Vogue at the beginning of 1915?

2. What was "The Big Blonde" referred to in the literary world?

3. Where did Dorothy's brothers work?

4. What did Conde Nast's memo to the entire publication of Vanity Fair prohibit?

5. What was the main problem with Dorothy's submissions to The New Yorker?

Short Essay Questions

1. Shortly after Eddie and Dorothy were married, Eddie enlists in the service. How does this effect her?

2. In 1928, Dorothy filed for divorce from Eddie. What was significant about their divorce that was different from the endings of Dorothy's other relationships?

3. What trait did Dorothy discover and master during 1924 that was a result of her time with Maggie Swope?

4. When Dorothy was 11, she read Vanity Fair and found herself connecting with Becky Sharp, the book's anti-heroine. How did Dorothy's choice of role model effect her life?

5. What happened when Dorothy moved to Vanity Fair and Robert Benchley and Robert Sherwood moved into her office?

6. Why was Dorothy and Elmer's play considered a love letter to Robert Benchley?

7. What was Dorothy's first impression of Hollywood? How did this shape her work and attitude toward being in California?

8. In 1916, Dorothy met Eddie Parker. What happened when Eddie took Dorothy to met his family? What happened after they meet Dorothy?

9. What were some of the reasons Eddie separated from Dorothy?

10. Everyone that was part of the Alogonquin Round Table had something particular in common. What made Dorothy stand out? Who was protected from her uniqueness?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Dorothy struggled with a lifetime of failed relationships and depression. During the early 1920's she tried to commit suicide. Why didn't her friends think she was capable of going through with the act and why did they assume she tried?

Essay Topic 2

Dorothy and Alan had a unique relationship. What about Alan was different than the other men that Dorothy dated? What was good about their relationship? What was destructive about their relationship?

Essay Topic 3

In her last days, Dorothy's lifelong friends had either passed away or are only available in times of crisis. How did her so-called friends show their true colors after Dorothy passed away? Provide examples from the book in addition to your own thoughts.

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