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Marion Meade
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Short Answer Questions

1. Dorothy's writing, "Too Bad", exemplified a couple in her life. Who was that couple?

2. What crucial adult responsibility was Dorothy ignorant about?

3. At what age did Dorothy first read "Vanity Fair?"

4. Who showered Dorothy with attention when she returned to New York?

5. What was Dorothy's first job with MGM?

Short Essay Questions

1. Shortly after Eddie and Dorothy were married, Eddie enlists in the service. How does this effect her?

2. What did Dorothy and the other Round Table members do in the spring of 1922 that was different from their meetings and occasional poker games?

3. What events happened after Dorothy's separation from Eddie. What caused Dorothy to try to commit suicide?

4. What happened as a result of Dorothy, Benchley and Sherwood going to lunch on a daily basis to the Alogonquin hotel?

5. What writing style did Dorothy use to attract a broader audience?

6. In 1928, Dorothy filed for divorce from Eddie. What was significant about their divorce that was different from the endings of Dorothy's other relationships?

7. What happened when Dorothy was advised by Dr. Barach to seek sobriety?

8. During the year between 1923 and 1924, Dorothy moves to the Algonquin. What about hotel living appealed to Dorothy?

9. What was Dorothy's first impression of Hollywood? How did this shape her work and attitude toward being in California?

10. Why did Dorothy move to Ring Lardner's home? Why didn't it work out?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Dorothy's novella, Big Blonde, was reportedly the best piece she ever wrote. It not only was the most autobiographical work that Dorothy ever wrote but its publication and the writing process was different for her. What about the novella was a turning point in her personal life and her career?

Essay Topic 2

Dorothy's life was one of high society parties, drinking and promiscuity, yet Dorothy had no sense of how to manage her money. How did these two aspects of her life not connect? Did Dorothy's lack of domestication play a role in her lack of responsibility? What did she feel will make up for her lack of responsibility?

Essay Topic 3

What about Dorothy's involvement in the Communist party stood out? Did Dorothy know everything she needed to know about the groups she involved herself in? Was she fully aware of what the Communist party stood for?

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