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Marion Meade
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who did Dorothy meet in the winter of 1936 that caused her grief?
(a) Don Stewart.
(b) Lillian Hellman.
(c) Horte Campbell.
(d) Otto Katz.

2. What award did Dorothy receive in 1958?
(a) The Marjorie Peabody Waite Award.
(b) The Academy Award.
(c) The Esquire Award.
(d) The Nobel Peace Prize.

3. After receiving a telegram from John Garrett, what did Dorothy consider?
(a) Suicide by jumping off the balcony.
(b) Accepting his marriage proposal.
(c) Going home to New York.
(d) Suicide by drowning in the Seine.

4. To what group did Dorothy get elected to the board of in 1938?
(a) The Hollywood Anti-Nazi Party.
(b) The Screen Actors Guild.
(c) The Hollywood Communist Party.
(d) The Screen Writers Guild.

5. What family did Dorothy visit while in Antibes?
(a) The Oppenheimers.
(b) The Hemingways.
(c) The Murpheys.
(d) The Fitzgeralds.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Dorothy buy in London?

2. What did Dorothy and Alan apply for instead of working?

3. What skill did Alan possess that Dorothy did not?

4. Who did Dorothy get involved with in 1948?

5. What job did Alan scheme to get for Dorothy?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was so controversial about Dorothy's pregnancy? What was unique about her reaction to her miscarriage?

2. What about Norma Place was strange to Dorothy? How did it make her uncomfortable?

3. While traveling to Europe after her dog, Robinson, passed, who did Dorothy connect with? What other event happened while Dorothy and Mary were in transit? Why did she feel a connection to this woman and what did she end up doing that greatly affected Dorthy?

4. While in Europe, Dorothy interviewed Ernest Hemingway after "A Farewell to Arms" was published. During the interview, Hemingway was very restrictive of the questions she was allowed to ask. What did his restrictions cause Dorothy to do? Why did Hemingway make the restrictions?

5. In 1967, Marcella Cisney proposed to Dorothy the production of "A Dorothy Parker Portfolio", Dorothy gave her full support. How did this production give Dorothy the last say in her life?

6. How was Alan Campbell perfectly suited for Dorothy?

7. What about working in Hollywood did Dorothy find relieving?

8. Dorothy involved her time and money in several "causes." What causes did she get involved in and what did society think about her involvement?

9. Dorothy purchased two dogs while in Europe. What role in Dorothy's life did these dogs fill? Why did she feel she needed canine companionship?

10. What about Dorothy and Alan's reconciliation was significant?

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