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Marion Meade
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Dorothy and Alan did something shocking three months after she returned from Mexico. What was that?
(a) They returned to California.
(b) They remarried.
(c) They sold the house in Pennsylvania.
(d) They returned to Mexico.

2. Who did Dorothy meet in the winter of 1936 that caused her grief?
(a) Don Stewart.
(b) Horte Campbell.
(c) Lillian Hellman.
(d) Otto Katz.

3. How did Dorothy try to commit suicide after she realized how far behind her novel, "Sonnets to a Suicide", is?
(a) Jumping into the Seine.
(b) Pain killer overdose.
(c) Standing on train tracks.
(d) Drinking a bottle of shoe polish.

4. How long was Dorothy's obituary in the New York Times?
(a) Twenty paragraphs.
(b) Two pages.
(c) Ten pages.
(d) Two paragraphs.

5. How old was Dorothy when she took the teaching job?
(a) Almost 70.
(b) Over 70.
(c) Almost 75.
(d) Almost 72.

Short Answer Questions

1. What skill did Alan possess that Dorothy did not?

2. What did the studios give to Dorothy and Alan that suit them perfectly?

3. How many times was Valencia bombed while Dorothy and Alan were in Spain?

4. What family did Dorothy visit while in Antibes?

5. What job did Alan scheme to get for Dorothy?

Short Essay Questions

1. What about Norma Place was strange to Dorothy? How did it make her uncomfortable?

2. Who was the most successful person to get work out of Dorothy. How did they succeed?

3. What was Dorothy and Alan's reason for leaving California?

4. What about Dorothy and Alan's relationship changed after Alan went to basic training?

5. What significant event happened to Dorothy's relationship with Robert Benchley in 1937?

6. Dorothy purchased two dogs while in Europe. What role in Dorothy's life did these dogs fill? Why did she feel she needed canine companionship?

7. What did Dorothy seek more than anything during the later years of her life?

8. What brought Dorothy to California for again? How did she feel about going back?

9. What about Dorothy and Alan's reconciliation was significant?

10. How was Alan Campbell perfectly suited for Dorothy?

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