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Marion Meade
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Henry, Dorothy's father, remarried, what happened to Dorothy and her sister?
(a) They were sent to a parochial school.
(b) They were sent to boarding school.
(c) They were sent to a work camp.
(d) They were sent to an orphanage.

2. Why did Dorothy return home from Paris?
(a) She grew tired of living abroad.
(b) She missed Seward Collins.
(c) She missed her sister.
(d) She missed Benchley.

3. How long did Dorothy's play run the first time?
(a) 50 performances.
(b) 5 performances.
(c) 12 performances.
(d) 24 performances.

4. Why did Dorothy return to New York at the end of the summer of 1925?
(a) Deems Taylor's wife returned home from vacation.
(b) She was given an offer she couldn't refuse.
(c) Robert Benchley's health took a turn for the worse.
(d) She was kicked out of her temporary home for inappropriate conduct.

5. Who did Dorothy move in with for the summer of 1925?
(a) Robert Benchley.
(b) Franklin Pierce Adams.
(c) Deems Taylor.
(d) Ring Lardner.

Short Answer Questions

1. What, during the era of 1922-1923, did Dorothy discover that she found helped her?

2. What kind of effect did Dr. Barach have on Dorothy's relationship with the Round Tablers?

3. What year were Dorothy's parents married?

4. Who helped Dorothy make up her mind to go live abroad?

5. Why did Dorothy fear Eddie's family wouldn't like her?

Short Essay Questions

1. Everyone that was part of the Alogonquin Round Table had something particular in common. What made Dorothy stand out? Who was protected from her uniqueness?

2. What was Dorothy's first impression of Hollywood? How did this shape her work and attitude toward being in California?

3. What events happened after Dorothy's separation from Eddie. What caused Dorothy to try to commit suicide?

4. What didn't Dorothy do after her relationship ended with Garrett that she did with her other relationships?

5. Dorothy had a large extended family that played a large part in her demeanor and personality. How did she refer to these people?

6. During the year between 1923 and 1924, Dorothy moves to the Algonquin. What about hotel living appealed to Dorothy?

7. What writing style did Dorothy use to attract a broader audience?

8. What happened when Dorothy was advised by Dr. Barach to seek sobriety?

9. Why did Dorothy clash so strongly with Hemingway?

10. Due to failing health, Robert Benchley was advised to either quit commuting to work and slow down or rent an apartment in the city. Benchley chose to get an apartment in the city and take a roommate. What changed about Benchley's life were significant? How did Dorothy feel about this new phase in Benchley's life?

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