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Marion Meade
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the second cause Dorothy becomes involved in during 1936?
(a) Producer's rights.
(b) Writer's rights.
(c) Children's rights.
(d) Actor's rights.

2. What was the house called that Alan and Dorothy purchase?
(a) Meadow House.
(b) River House.
(c) Fox House.
(d) Revolutionary House.

3. Who did Dorothy meet at the National Institute of Arts and Letters banquet?
(a) Elizabeth Ames.
(b) Marilyn Monroe.
(c) Leah Salisbury.
(d) Arnold Gingrich.

4. What did Dorothy die of?
(a) Cereberal hemorrhage.
(b) She fell after drinking too much.
(c) Overdose.
(d) Heart attack.

5. What was Robinson attacked by?
(a) A snake.
(b) A pack of larger dogs.
(c) A large dog.
(d) Another small dog.

6. In 1937, what did Dorothy and Alan do?
(a) Wrote their own movie script.
(b) Have Alan's mother move in with them.
(c) Sell their house in Pennsylvania.
(d) Bid farewell to California.

7. When did Dorothy and Alan get married?
(a) July 8, 1934.
(b) June 8, 1934.
(c) June 28, 1934.
(d) June 18, 1934.

8. Who did Alan replace in Dorothy's life?
(a) Robert Benchley.
(b) Her Mother.
(c) Robert Sherwood.
(d) F. Scott Fitzgerald.

9. Why did most of the writers from the East Coast end up in Hollywood?
(a) The beach.
(b) The weather.
(c) The salaries were exorbitant.
(d) The working conditions were better.

10. To what group did Dorothy get elected to the board of in 1938?
(a) The Screen Writers Guild.
(b) The Screen Actors Guild.
(c) The Hollywood Communist Party.
(d) The Hollywood Anti-Nazi Party.

11. What saved George Kaufman, the writer of the incriminating play, from Dorothy's wrath?
(a) The 1600-mile "buffer zone."
(b) Dorothy was in rehab at the time of its opening.
(c) Dorothy was shielded from the reviews.
(d) Alan took her on vacation.

12. How long was Dorothy's obituary in the New York Times?
(a) Twenty paragraphs.
(b) Two paragraphs.
(c) Ten pages.
(d) Two pages.

13. What job did Alan scheme to get for Dorothy?
(a) English Professor at California State College.
(b) Professor of Written Arts at California State Colelge.
(c) Professor of Written Arts at University of California.
(d) English Professor at University of California.

14. When her relationship with John McCain ended, how did Dorothy try to kill herself?
(a) Anti-depressants.
(b) Barbituates.
(c) Narcotics.
(d) Anti-psychotics.

15. What movie earned Dorothy an Academy Award Nomination?
(a) Some Like it Hot.
(b) The Lost Weekend.
(c) A Long Hot Summer.
(d) Ladies of the Cooridoor.

Short Answer Questions

1. Dorothy donated money to several causes during 1936. What about donating the money never occurred to her?

2. How did Dorothy try to commit suicide after she realized how far behind her novel, "Sonnets to a Suicide", is?

3. Dorothy had enough of the filth of living with roommates and moved where?

4. Where was Alan stationed after being shipped overseas?

5. On what day did Dorothy pass away?

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