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Marion Meade
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In 1937, what did Dorothy and Alan do?
(a) Sell their house in Pennsylvania.
(b) Have Alan's mother move in with them.
(c) Bid farewell to California.
(d) Wrote their own movie script.

2. In 1967 Marcella Cisney asked Dorothy's permission to do what?
(a) Produce A Dorothy Parker Autobiography.
(b) Produce A Dorothy Parker Portfolio.
(c) Produce A Dorothy Parker Memoir.
(d) Produce Dorothy Parker: What Fresh Hell is This?

3. Where did Dorothy go twice a week to get drunk while in Paris?
(a) Moulin Rouge.
(b) Cannes.
(c) A bar by the Seine.
(d) A bordello in town.

4. In 1946, what did Dorothy do about her relationship with Alan?
(a) She announced her intent to divorce him.
(b) She had an affair with even younger men to spite him.
(c) She moved overseas to be with him.
(d) She reconciled with him.

5. What happened across the country in 1933?
(a) Prohibition was repealed.
(b) The stock market crashed.
(c) World War I ended.
(d) Socialist ideas were widespread.

6. Who inspired Dorothy to pick up her fiction writing again?
(a) F. Scott Fitzgerald.
(b) Robert Benchley.
(c) Sheilah Graham.
(d) Alan Campbell.

7. Who did Dorothy get involved with in 1948?
(a) F. Scott Fitzgerald.
(b) Irving Lazar.
(c) Dalton Trumbo.
(d) Rosser Lynn Evans.

8. Who was Dorothy's personal hero?
(a) Moss Hart.
(b) Lillian Hellman.
(c) Dashiell Hammett.
(d) Ernest Hemingway.

9. What project was started, but was never finished?
(a) Dorothy's fiction novel.
(b) Dorothy's fantasy novel.
(c) Dorothy's autobiography.
(d) Dorothy's memoir.

10. Who did Dorothy meet at the National Institute of Arts and Letters banquet?
(a) Leah Salisbury.
(b) Elizabeth Ames.
(c) Arnold Gingrich.
(d) Marilyn Monroe.

11. Dorothy had enough of the filth of living with roommates and moved where?
(a) The Volney.
(b) The Algonquin.
(c) With Kate d'Usseau.
(d) Pennsylvania.

12. What was considered risque behavior that Dorothy and Alan participated in?
(a) They were living in sin.
(b) They got tattoos.
(c) They had an open marriage.
(d) They got piercings.

13. How did Dorothy try to commit suicide after she realized how far behind her novel, "Sonnets to a Suicide", is?
(a) Jumping into the Seine.
(b) Standing on train tracks.
(c) Pain killer overdose.
(d) Drinking a bottle of shoe polish.

14. To what group did Dorothy get elected to the board of in 1938?
(a) The Screen Writers Guild.
(b) The Hollywood Communist Party.
(c) The Screen Actors Guild.
(d) The Hollywood Anti-Nazi Party.

15. After her trip to Mexico, where did Dorothy return?
(a) New Jersey.
(b) Pennsylvania.
(c) New York.
(d) California.

Short Answer Questions

1. What award did Dorothy receive in 1958?

2. What was the house called that Alan and Dorothy purchase?

3. What did Dorothy and Alan apply for instead of working?

4. How many times was Valencia bombed while Dorothy and Alan were in Spain?

5. When her relationship with John McCain ended, how did Dorothy try to kill herself?

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