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Marion Meade
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When was the first issue of The New Yorker published?
(a) February 14, 1925.
(b) February 21, 1925.
(c) January 21, 1925.
(d) March 1, 1925.

2. What ship did Dorothy's aunt and uncle ride during 1912?
(a) The Titanic.
(b) The Olympic.
(c) The Brittania.
(d) The Virginian Pilot.

3. What did Dorothy's grandparents do for work when they moved to Alabama?
(a) They made collectibles.
(b) They sold used furniture.
(c) They sold upscale and fancy wares.
(d) They sold food and groceries.

4. What was Dorothy known for in the Gonk?
(a) Her fierce determination.
(b) Her fashion sense.
(c) Her quick wit, criticism and stories of her husband.
(d) Her serene countenance and ladylike manners.

5. What was the name of the play Dorothy co-wrote in 1923?
(a) My Life.
(b) Our Town.
(c) Close Harmony.
(d) Soft Music.

6. What was Dorothy's form of writing dubbed?
(a) The "Elevated Foot School of Journalism."
(b) The "Depressed Eyebrow School of Journalism."
(c) The "Elevated Lip School of Journalism."
(d) The "Elevated Eyebrow School of Journalism."

7. Why did Dorothy fear Eddie's family wouldn't like her?
(a) Because she had a loose tounge.
(b) Because she had no mother.
(c) Because she had such a strong personality.
(d) Because she was Jewish.

8. What style of writing did Dorothy start to exhibit after 1923?
(a) Editorial.
(b) The Iceberg Theory.
(c) Victorian.
(d) Modern.

9. Who showered Dorothy with attention when she returned to New York?
(a) The producers at MGM.
(b) The founders of the Viking Press.
(c) The editors at Vanity Fair.
(d) The producers at Fox.

10. Who did Dorothy meet at the Algonquin Hotel that she regarded as a mythical figure?
(a) Hal Borland.
(b) Polly Adler.
(c) Mark Twain.
(d) Franklin Pierce Adams.

11. How did Dorothy and her siblings feel about their stepmother?
(a) They didn't like her at all.
(b) They immediately welcomed her.
(c) They loved her.
(d) They felt indifferent toward her.

12. When Dorothy wrote in Paris, who did she write about and why?
(a) Hemingway for his arrogance.
(b) Sherwood for his abscence.
(c) Seward Collins for her newly found adoration of him.
(d) Benchley for his friendship.

13. When Eddie returned to New York in August of 1919, what did he bring with him?
(a) A deep addiction to morphine.
(b) A child.
(c) A drinking habit.
(d) A deep addiction to prostitutes.

14. How many children did Dorothy's grandparents have?
(a) 5.
(b) 3.
(c) 6.
(d) 2.

15. Who came up with the name of the lunch club?
(a) A writer, Frances Partridge.
(b) A cartoonist, Chester Gould.
(c) A novelist, Daniel Hickey.
(d) A cartoonist, Edmund Duffy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What historically significant event happened the same week Dorothy was fired?

2. What year was Dorothy born?

3. What was Dorothy's play renamed?

4. In 1917, what significant event happened in Dorothy's career?

5. Whose court case did Dorothy get involved with that started her interest in being involved in a cause?

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