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Marion Meade
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Eddie returned to New York in August of 1919, what did he bring with him?
(a) A deep addiction to prostitutes.
(b) A child.
(c) A drinking habit.
(d) A deep addiction to morphine.

2. What did Conde Nast's memo to the entire publication of Vanity Fair prohibit?
(a) Lunch breaks outside of the building.
(b) Idol chatter.
(c) The discussion of salaries.
(d) Alcohol, before the prohibition started.

3. What was Dorothy's play renamed?
(a) "The Lady Next Door."
(b) "The Forbidden Friendship."
(c) "The Mistress."
(d) "The Friend."

4. What crucial adult responsibility was Dorothy ignorant about?
(a) She didn't know how to do laundry.
(b) She had no money sense.
(c) She didn't know how to drive a car.
(d) She didn't know how to shop for groceries.

5. What trait did Dorothy develop despite her loneliness?
(a) A talent for self-entertainment.
(b) A talent for making conversation.
(c) A talent for making friends.
(d) A talent for clever observation.

6. What ship did Dorothy's aunt and uncle ride during 1912?
(a) The Titanic.
(b) The Virginian Pilot.
(c) The Olympic.
(d) The Brittania.

7. How long was Benchley with Dorothy on her trip to Paris?
(a) Just long enough to buy presents for his family and rid himself of pubic lice.
(b) For the duration of her stay.
(c) For the duration of the journey across the ocean.
(d) Three weeks after they arrived in Paris.

8. In the spring of 1922, what did the Round Tablers do?
(a) They put on an amateur musical.
(b) They published a book.
(c) They published their own magazine.
(d) They put on a series of seminars.

9. What happened shortly after Dorothy and Eddie got married?
(a) Dorothy's sister came to live with them.
(b) Eddie lost his job.
(c) Eddie enlisted in the service.
(d) Dorothy lost her job.

10. What significant happening occurred when Dorothy was only 5 years old?
(a) Her grandparents came to live with the family.
(b) Her mother died suddenly.
(c) Her father died.
(d) Her family moved to a different neighborhood.

11. Who, from "Vanity Fair", did Dorothy choose as a role model?
(a) Jane.
(b) Becky Sharp.
(c) Amelia Sedley.
(d) Jemima Pinkerton.

12. How did Dorothy absolve herself of the bad choices she made with men?
(a) She swore off alcohol.
(b) She completely withdrew from the Round Tablers.
(c) She became involved in as many causes as she could.
(d) She swore off men.

13. What happened to Collins after he and Dorothy ended their relationship?
(a) He was accused of being a Nazi sympathizer and a homosexual.
(b) He was accused of being a facist and an embezzler.
(c) He was accused of being in the Mob.
(d) He was accused of being a Nazi sympathizer and a facist.

14. When did Eddie actually leave after threatening several times?
(a) After July 4th, 1922.
(b) After Labor Day 1922.
(c) Before Memorial Day 1922.
(d) Before July 4th, 1922.

15. What was the most significant difference in Dorothy's life of that of her friends?
(a) She came from a wealthy family and they came from poverty.
(b) She spent all her earnings on her residence.
(c) She had to work and they didn't.
(d) She had no money and they were wealthy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What, during the era of 1922-1923, did Dorothy discover that she found helped her?

2. How much did Dorothy sell her first poem for?

3. What character trait did Dorothy not want to exhibit?

4. When Henry, Dorothy's father, remarried, what happened to Dorothy and her sister?

5. Whose speakeasy did Dorothy and Benchley frequent?

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