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Marion Meade
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8, Yessir, the Whaddycall 'em Blues1925.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What trait did Dorothy develop despite her loneliness?
(a) A talent for making conversation.
(b) A talent for making friends.
(c) A talent for clever observation.
(d) A talent for self-entertainment.

2. Who was the publication that Harold Ross and Jane Grant created marketed toward?
(a) The urban housewife.
(b) The suburban housewife.
(c) The sophisticated metropolitain.
(d) The single young lady.

3. What historically significant event happened the same week Dorothy was fired?
(a) The Great Depression started.
(b) Prohibition ended.
(c) Women's rights were voted in.
(d) Prohibition started.

4. What did Dorothy think about her position at Vogue?
(a) She felt indifferent towards the position.
(b) She thought it was a thankless and tedious job.
(c) She loved the position, and didn't ever want to leave.
(d) She thought it was a stepping stone.

5. After getting into a quarrel with Charles MacArthur, Dorothy returned to Stamford and tells Deems Taylor she wanted to:
(a) Marry MacArthur.
(b) Kill herself.
(c) Quit drinking.
(d) Quit writing.

Short Answer Questions

1. What significant happening occurred when Dorothy was only 5 years old?

2. Why did Dorothy return to New York at the end of the summer of 1925?

3. How long did Dorothy's play run the first time?

4. When was Dorothy fired from Vanity Fair?

5. Why didn't the Round Tablers think Dorothy was serious?

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