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Part 1

• The story begins with the narrator, Redmond, remembering an amazing story that his friend, Wallace, told him three months ago.

• Redmond believed Wallace as he told the story over dinner one night, but upon later reflection he had his doubts.

• The story then flashed back to Wallace telling his story to Redmond.

• Wallace begins by describing the melancholy state of his life.

• Redmond remembers how his friend has changed since their days together in school.

• He recalls what a woman who loved Wallace once said about him and his moods.

• Wallace had a bright career as a politician ahead of him. Redmond then reveals that Wallace died a month ago, explaining why he is reflecting on his friend's story now.

• Wallace explains that he was a lonely, precocious child raised by a distant father and servants.

• He was often left to his own devices, and while wandering...

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