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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2: Appendix 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the author wonder about the neurological patterns produced during visionary experiences at the end of Appendix 1?
(a) Why people are so fond of experiencing these patterns.
(b) How the experiencer's brain is affected by the experience.
(c) What happens to these patterns when the experience is over.
(d) How these patterns can be reproduced at the user's will.

2. According to the author in Appendix 6, what opens the doors of heaven, hell, and limbo for the living?
(a) Death.
(b) "Massy keys of metals twain."
(c) The presence or absence of certain chemicals in the blood.
(d) Spiritual enlightenment.

3. According to the author, what are the odds of a negative reaction with the second technique described in Appendix 1?
(a) 1 in 100.
(b) 1 in 70.
(c) 1 in 25.
(d) 1 in 80.

4. According to the author, what is "one of the most magical and transporting of spectacles"?
(a) A fireworks display.
(b) An opera.
(c) A bonfire.
(d) A religious ceremony.

5. Which of Van Gogh's paintings does the author use as an example of Western landscape art?
(a) "Cypresses."
(b) "The Day After."
(c) "Long Road."
(d) "Starry Night."

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the author describe our ancestors' winter diets in Appendix 2?

2. Upon what evidence does the author base his comparison of a schizophrenic's experiences?

3. What is the main reason for conducting the experiment in which the author participates?

4. When did fireworks re-enter the world of popular entertainment, according to the author?

5. What does the author say in Appendix 5 about Nature "at the middle distance"?

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